California abnormally skews popular vote results

Those who maintain the Electoral Process should be done away with are either partisan zealots, or ignorant of the abnormal effect highly liberal states create.

Trump carried the majority (29) of states. If you count the states he would have won if a Libertarian hadn’t been on the ballot, he would have had 35 states.

(Valid conjecture – Libertarians vote against Democrat policies.)

Leave elections up to California, just 1 state, when 35 states repudiated Obama?

(Especially since, as a sanctuary state, it can’t prove all its votes to be legal?)

Our founders wanted to make sure all the states were relevant, and most wanted government power spread among the states, to avoid a monolithic central power.

The electoral process does that – a popular vote does not.

This is the United ‘STATES’.

Live with it.

Watch for creation of an O’ Foundation, a la Clinton-style

You heard it here first.

We’re guessing the new definition of a split-second will be that amount of time which elapses between the moment Trump is inaugurated…

…and the Obamas announce a Foundation.

After all, Bill n Hillary blueprinted the way to million$…

…but they no longer have influence to sell.

Any questions why post-president Obama’s staying in DC?

As for Michelle, it’s our guess she’ll position herself like Hillary, a Senate seat first (probably Illinois, Durbin’s is up for election in 2020), then aiming at the presidency.

Hillary has shown that’s where the influence-peddling rakes in Big Bucks.

How else can you go from ‘broke’ to being worth $315 million within a decade?

What is it they say…Charity begins at Home…?

Putting Democrat ‘nuclear option’ toothpaste back in the tube

BCP believes the filibuster is a just mechanism to avoid ‘tyranny of the Majority’, and should be kept in play AFTER what Democrat damage wrought by their act is gone.

Senate Democrat leaders did not hesitate to invoke the simple majority ‘nuclear option’ in passing Obamacare, and stacking Obama’s Court appointees.

Now they’re in the minority and, surprise, surprise…

…they hate the simple-majority rule idea.

Wimp Republicans who talk about not using the same tactics as Democrats should remember…Courts were stacked, and Obamacare is law, because of those tactics.

Unless Democrats agree to repeal Obamacare and rescind/recall Obama’s Court judges (negating their nuke option tactics), the ‘toothpaste’ is still out of the tube…

…and Republicans are free to use the option.

Using football as a metaphor: Democrats ‘scored’ touchdowns using their revised set of rules during the game, but now want the old rules reinstated…

…while leaving the score UNCHANGED.

Are Senate Republicans that stupid?

Time will tell, but one truth is obvious…

…judges and health-care law are a result of Democrat use of the ‘nuclear option’.

If those results can’t be re-set to pre-nuke conditions the normal way…

…then Republicans should invoke that option to fix them, the nuclear way.

Failure to do so renders Americans hostage to…the Democrat way.

Even ‘Campaigner-in-Chief’ said the election was about his policies

When does the mainstream media NOT pay attention to Obama?

When an election that, as he put it in pre-election speeches was ‘about his legacy’, turns out to be a repudiation of his agenda…and Democrats lose HUGE.

Even his press secretary Josh Earnest admits it was, but…oops…that was then.

Now, the media ignores what Obama said, to hide that rejection by voters.

Some say Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying “To anger a Conservative, Lie to him…to anger a Liberal, tell him the Truth.”

There’s little corroboration it was Teddy’s saying, back then…

…but facts seem to bear out it’s wisdom, now.


Would impeaching Hillary block a pardon?

As the intelligentsia agonize over whether Obama will blanket-pardon Hillary, the question needs asking…

…if the House initiates articles of impeachment against Hillary BEFORE Obama acts, does it effectively block a pardon?

And why are establishment Republicans calling for her to be pardoned, while Hill Democrats are pushing hard for Trump trials?

Does any thinking person believe Democrats will ever let up, no matter how nicely Republicans treat them?

Of course not.

Grow a pair, guys.

‘Leaders’ who condone rioting are Rabble-Rousers…not leaders

If the Democrats condone rioting, they’re no better than the lawless troublemakers they encourage with their silence.

How realistic is hysteria built on fiction?

After all, Trump doesn’t get inaugurated until late January, so all this faux drama is based on…nothing…

…because it presumes to read the heart and mind of someone who hasn’t spent 1 day in public office.

Glaring FACTS prove a GOP mandate…

Those who claim there was no clear mandate to take away from this Nov 8th election ignore fact:

  • Trump won the electoral convincingly;
  • The Libertarian vote also rejected Democrat policies, and with those votes Trump would have taken six MORE states;
  • 6 million Democrats refused to vote at all – that’s a damning policy rejection.

When your own Party faithful refuse to support your agenda, that’s a pretty hard fact to deny.

Establishment Republicans take need…voters chose a FIGHTER on election night.

Stand up against what’s gone wrong these last 8 years, defend our Constitution as you swore in your oath…