California abnormally skews popular vote results

Those who maintain the Electoral Process should be done away with are either partisan zealots, or ignorant of the abnormal effect highly liberal states create.

Trump carried the majority (29) of states. If you count the states he would have won if a Libertarian hadn’t been on the ballot, he would have had 35 states.

(Valid conjecture – Libertarians vote against Democrat policies.)

Leave elections up to California, just 1 state, when 35 states repudiated Obama?

(Especially since, as a sanctuary state, it can’t prove all its votes to be legal?)

Our founders wanted to make sure all the states were relevant, and most wanted government power spread among the states, to avoid a monolithic central power.

The electoral process does that – a popular vote does not.

This is the United ‘STATES’.

Live with it.

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