When will America’s conservative media MAN-UP…?

A conservative blogger asks if Rick Perry has a second chance at a first impression.


The left-leaning media went nuts ridiculing Perry for zoning out in a ’12 debate, after being asked what departments of the federal government he’d do away with.

If drawing a blank during a debate is somehow worse than suggesting there’s 57 states in America, then the balance of power is permanently swung to the Left, and it doesn’t matter which Republican candidate runs…because common sense is lost.

A governor with his success record in Texas doesn’t need such niggling doubts from conservative opinionators…leave that to the Left; they’ll feed on whoever shows up.

Those who want the best for America must remain focused on defeating Democrats  with the corrupt stench of pay-to-play…and bankrupt policies that hurt the poor.

Rick Perry is a fine candidate with proven leadership potential.

As for drawing a blank…

…Quick – name a federal agency that SHOULDN’T be closed.

Isn’t the real question why the conservative media in this country cedes ground to a raving Left-wing media intent on vicious caricature of the GOP’s best, at every turn?

So busy targeting Hillary’s money-maneuvers, did Breitbart miss the BIG ONE?

In an article about the Clintons keeping Swedish donors secret, Breitbart whiffed, when reporting on the huge fee Bill Clinton received from a Swedish telecom.

Right after a Swedish company paid in big to the Clinton foundation, a new list of sanctions on telecom sales to Iran excluded that Swedish telecom company.

That’s called ‘pay-to-play’, folks.

Nov 11, 2011, Bill Clinton gets $750k for a telecom speech.

A sanctions list is unveiled by Hillary’s State Department on Nov 19 2011…

…and, ultimately, signed into law by EXECUTIVE ORDER in April 2012…

…which makes Obama culpable if he knew, right?

And, if he didn’t know, Hillary duped him.

Either way, this ‘pay-to-play’ made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Black pastor – ‘The Democrat Party has not been loyal to black Americans’

“African-Americans have been loyal to the Democratic Party…but there is a group of African-Americans that feel like the Democratic Party has not been loyal to us.”

Witness Detroit…Chicago…New Orleans…Baltimore.

Chronic black unemployment…declining household incomes…continued poverty.

Will black Americans wake up…or keep toeing the line that entraps them?

A Fox News opinion article says it all…

“…the harsh reality is Democrats need poverty to win elections…their entire economic platform…hinges on the impoverished staying poor.”

People are entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. City after city, state after state, those controlled by Democrats…over time…crumble – undeniable fact.

Doubt it?

Other than New York, cite one Democrat-controlled city or state with good numbers (and even now, New York City crime rates are spiking under Democrat rule).

If ‘#BlackLivesMatter’…those lives better wise up, and vote like it in 2016.

$64mn/year CEO of CBS refuses to tip a valet the equivalent of…6 cents

File this under –





Les Moonves is the CEO of CBS, paid around $64 million per year.

But he was caught on camera refusing to tip a valet ‘cuz he ‘only had hundreds’.

When you compare that hundred to his annual $64 million salary, it’s equal to some schmo who makes $40,000 a year refusing to give that valet a 6-cent tip.

When was the last time you refused to give a 6-cent tip…because it was too much?

(Any questions about how Moonves became one of the One-Percenters?)

Those Democrat champions of the downtrodden must be up-in-arms over this, no?

CA logic – residents must sacrifice, so their government can keep on wasting

Wasting away again, in California-ville.

California’s population uses 10% of its water, and must cut back 25%. But, California’s environmental programs use 50%, yet not cutback at all?

If environmental usage were reduced by 5%, it would be the same as reducing the population usage by 25% – why isn’t the government we pay taxes to helping?

Shouldn’t our tax-dollar funded government provide solutions…not burdens? Why aren’t tax-funded agencies and engineers tasked with 5% consumption cutbacks?

Why let state/local government off the hook, instead of demanding results? (And why are Californians so eager to climb up and put themselves on that hook?)

Now, think about this – it’s estimated municipalities lose 10% of all water to leaks.

If those agencies fixed that problem, would cutbacks be needed…at all?

California citizens seem resigned to their role of serving government…

…you know…the government that’s supposed to be serving… the citizens.