When will America’s conservative media MAN-UP…?

A conservative blogger asks if Rick Perry has a second chance at a first impression.


The left-leaning media went nuts ridiculing Perry for zoning out in a ’12 debate, after being asked what departments of the federal government he’d do away with.

If drawing a blank during a debate is somehow worse than suggesting there’s 57 states in America, then the balance of power is permanently swung to the Left, and it doesn’t matter which Republican candidate runs…because common sense is lost.

A governor with his success record in Texas doesn’t need such niggling doubts from conservative opinionators…leave that to the Left; they’ll feed on whoever shows up.

Those who want the best for America must remain focused on defeating Democrats  with the corrupt stench of pay-to-play…and bankrupt policies that hurt the poor.

Rick Perry is a fine candidate with proven leadership potential.

As for drawing a blank…

…Quick – name a federal agency that SHOULDN’T be closed.

Isn’t the real question why the conservative media in this country cedes ground to a raving Left-wing media intent on vicious caricature of the GOP’s best, at every turn?

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