Will biologist-atheist Dawkins benefit from Down-syndrome kids one day?

Professor Richard Dawkins found himself in a firestorm last week.

He tweeted it’s ‘immoral not to abort’ an unborn diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Today, the Blaze reports Down Syndrome people may hold a key to Alzheimer’s.

Before the good Professor Dawkins succumbs to that implacable disease, someone should ask him if he would consider it immoral for believers such as himself…

to benefit from that research.

Just wonderin’.

The REAL reason so many Americans hate politics…

Color Dan Balz as Master of the Oblivious.

His article in the Washington Post postulates ‘Why so many Americans hate politics’.

Naturally, being the left-leaning Washington Post, he misses the mark by a country mile, but manages to get in some slams against…you guessed it…Republicans.

Of course Americans are disgusted with politics…

…when they’re not being forced into bone-chilling Socialist programs (Obamacare) by one Party, they’re witness to waffling and spinelessness in the other Party.

The reason goes deeper than Balz’s article would have you believe – politicians speak with forked tongues, and legislate ‘healthcare-Nazi’ laws…but the media is the culprit.

And Mr. Balz obliges us with his article as a perfect example.

Sure, it took him 5 paragraphs before tearing into the GOP-backing Koch brothers as a symbol of money influencing politics…but they’re pikers compared to Tom Steyer.

In pre-election donating, Democrat-backer Steyer ranks #1…David Koch ranks #90!

Nine of the top 20 individual donors are Democrat backers, and with Steyer leading the pack…the top 3 Democrat-backers combined out donate all 11 of the GOP backers.

Yet the disgusting symbol of money in politics is…the Koch brothers…Mr. Balz?

And, when it comes to ‘advertising, slippery statements’ examples, Balz couldn’t bear to choose ‘if you like your healthplan, you can keep it’…Obama’s 2013 PolitiFact Big Lie.

He chose, predictably, to go with a Romney ad from his failed 2012 campaign, where he slammed Obama-backed Chrysler for planning to outsource Jeep-making to China.

Romney repeated a Bloomberg headline, rightfully fearful of Americans losing jobs…

…Obama bilked Americans out of $billions, and caused millions to lose their plan.

Anyone see a pattern here?

If you really wonder why Americans are so turned off with politics, Mr. Balz…

…we suggest you head to the nearest Washington Post executive washroom…

…and take a LONG look in a mirror.

(But, we suspect you already know the answer, Mr. Balz.)

Silent witnesses will exonerate the officer who killed Michael Brown…

Hysteria runs rampant in Ferguson Missouri, where young (black) Michael Brown, 18, 292 lbs, 6’4″ tall, was killed during an altercation with a local law officer.

And while some scream ‘character assassination’ when a video of Brown robbing a store is shown, or when the fact he had marijuana in his system was released…

…those same screamers don’t mind assassinating the character of the officer involved.

A lap-dog media continues stoking the rage of looters , and politicians like the Missouri governor and Activist-General Holder have no problem damning police.

But despite the frenzy, rest assured there are silent witnesses that will come forth…

…in the form of a severe beating the officer suffered from Brown before he was killed.

A fractured eye socket, among other head wounds, tell the story.

If that’s not enough, 4 wounding shots fired before kill shots are mute testimony to the fact an officer, skilled in deadly force, did everything he could not to kill Brown.

These are the silent witnesses that will exonerate Officer Wilson and damn looters and rioters, as well as the media and race demagogues who thrive off this hysteria…

…because the beating the officer took, and wound shots, came before the final shots.

And nothing the media says or does can change those facts.

IRS too busy plaguing conservatives to levy Obamacare taxes…?

The Washington Times reports there’s more bad news for Obamacare.

Seems that the IRS is so busy oppressing conservative groups they failed to identify the medical-device manufacturers that are supposed to be paying O’care’s 2.3% tax.

And in a report, seems fully half of state manufacturers and a third of service firms “expect the law to ‘considerably’ increase their health care costs next year.”

Then, piling on, comes an IBD article asking why promised monthly reporting numbers for Obamacare enrollment…aren’t being reported by Team Obama?

A lap-dog news media, suggestively bent on stirring up black outrage in Missouri, seem to be very quiet about these disturbing pieces of Obamacare failure…pre-election

Hopefully, the Republicans will direct the message back to where it needs to be.

47,800 veterans died waiting for VA health benefits approval

‘Pending’ applications have reached 889,000.

47,800 veterans died waiting for their VA health care applications to be approved.

Yet after that discovery, and knowing their online enrollment system was much slower than existing enrollment methods, VA superiors continued pushing online enrollment.

There’s only one logical reason why – Obama’s people didn’t want that knowledge to poison the well for their just-passed Obamacare health law.

That law required online enrollment, and even before implementation it was unpopular.

The VA online enrollment disaster was a harbinger of the Obamacare rollout disaster.

So the next time a Democrat politician defends the indefensible by asking ‘who knew’ Obamacare implementation would be so inept, feel free to tell them…

…47,800 veterans knew.

When it comes to racial injustice, nobody outdoes Eugene Robinson

As the violence and lawlessness in Ferguson, Missouri unfolds, Eugene Robinson dipped quill in ink, and served up his latest in non-objective racist hysteria.

Surprisingly, he waited all of two paragraphs before indicting the police officer who killed Michael Brown, an 18-year old black man…weighing in at 292 lbs, standing 6’4″ tall.

3rd paragraph, opening line, Robinson writes “another black man unjustly killed”.

Did we mention Michael Brown was 6’4″ tall? …weighing in at 292 lbs? Well, oddly enough, Eugene Robinson never mentioned those details in his article.

See, those inconvenient details won’t conform to his ‘another black man unjustly killed’ narrative, thrown out there with such reckless abandon, if you consider the facts.

And we do have some facts; which begs the question…

Mr. Robinson, you’re a uniformed police officer, roughed up before drawing a handgun and aiming it at a 6’4″, 292 lb man standing only yards away, who suddenly rushes you.

Do you (a) assume he’s seen the error of his ways and is in a hurry to get handcuffed; (b) assume he’s sorry for roughing you up, and just wants a hug; or (c) believe he may plan to do you more harm, as he seems willing to charge into a gun to do it?

You warn him to stop, you shoot to wound four times, but he keeps coming…

At that point, do you really care what color that big guy is charging at you?

Or, in those split-seconds, do you finally, reluctantly, decide to stop him?

As a black ‘journalist’, Mr. Robinson is hell-bent on assuming the worst of a white police officer, preferring to believe his actions ‘unjust’…assuming what was in his heart…

but it’s also possible to see the first 4 wounding shots as trying to prevent a killing…

…unless you’re a race-blinded journalist hack…

unjustly character-assassinating a white cop.

You see, Mr. Robinson, it’s just as easy to assume the best, as it is the worst.

Depending, of course, on your perspective…

Every day, more eyewitnesses are corroborating the police officer’s story. Even so…

Michael Brown could have chosen not to rob a store; he could have chosen not to walk down the center of a street; he could have chosen to move to the sidewalk when told to by a police officer; he could have chosen not to strike the officer in the face; and he could have chosen to submit peacefully…but he didn’t.

None of those choices are affected by race; none of those choices are affected by lack of education; none of those choices are affected by joblessness…

…those 5 choices he made were all affected by attitude, Mr. Robinson.

We can’t imagine where he might have picked THAT up.

California-Fried Falcon…now available in ‘Extra Crispy’

Seems green energy alternatives are pretty hazardous to a bird’s health.

One solar energy plant in the Mojave is cooking up to 28,000 birds in flight every year.

Maybe border states should be investing in solar? At least then, illegals coming through our deserts along the border with Mexico won’t starve on the trip.

Those illegals who prefer sushi won’t be left out…Wind-power turbines have solar ‘cookers’ beat, killing up to 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats annually.

Now the only thing left for illegals to complain about is a lack of desert picnic tables.

Environmentalists must be so ashamed…in the ’60’s, Rachel Carson’s anti-DDT book ‘Silent Spring’ helped give them a real boost, but now, with their push for solar energy…

…they’ve inadvertently authored ‘Sizzlin’ Summer’.

Washington isn’t ‘broken’…it was never meant to be sole arbiter

Washington DC was never meant to be the solution to every American problem.

Philip Klein has written a thoughtful article on this in the Washington Examiner.

The only ones who think ‘DC is broken’, are those who think our U.S. Constitution is nothing more than a preamble to their extended version Big Government manifesto.

They don’t see the individual nature of the states within our United States of America.

The Constitution was written to defend us against that thinking…against that leviathan.

Created in 1787 as the supreme Law of this new nation, it set the framework from which blossomed the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen…

…and 204 years later, with the USSR collapse, made America the world’s superpower.

Why America? How is it we got to where others only dream of going?

Many nations have more years of history; they all have natural resources; they all have great thinkers; they all have storied colleges…what sets us apart from them?

Our United STATES Constitution.

Some of them say it needs to ‘evolve’…but look around you, at all we have…

…at all we are…at all we’ve accomplished…

…then ask…


The only people who try to ‘fix’ what isn’t broken…are meddling politicians…

…and the cronies behind them…who seek power over you.

The United States Constitution serves as your body armor…don’t give it up.