Boehner’s ‘theater of the absurd’ lawsuit against Obama

So the Speaker of the House is suing Obama for NOT executing the law…

How stupid is that? If the court finds judgment against Obama, any guesses as to who has to execute the law and enforce the judgment?

The same guy who won’t ‘faithfully execute the law’ now…Obama.

This lawsuit classically defines ‘theater of the absurd’.

Our U.S. Constitution provides the method for reining in out of control gov’t branches.

Maybe Speaker Boehner should read up on it.

Congressman Goodlatte validates earlier BlueCollar posts…how can anyone work with a lawless President?

BlueCollar’s been blogging this for over a year…how can you work with a lawbreaker?

You can’t deal with this ‘OathBreaker-in-Chief’. By his failure to ‘faithfully execute law’, the congressman has finally articulated what we’ve been saying for over a year now…

…because there’s no guarantee Obama will keep his word and enforce the law.

Even a Democrat should understand that.

‘Equating slave-traders to vote-trollers’ Let the debate begin…

There are those who protest equating 17th century slave trading to present-day vote trolling is egregious; and it can’t be proven current border chaos is Democrat-driven.

Egregious? What do you call tearing families apart, then jeopardizing unaccompanied  children by putting them in the hands of ‘coyote’ smugglers for thousands of miles…

…finally dumping illiterate, ill-equipped kids into miserable poverty in a foreign nation…

…a Head Start program? Please…that protest doesn’t pass the smell test.

Such evil acts were despicable in the 17th century…and are just as despicable today.

Then there’s the other Liberal complaint…

‘No way to prove it’s a Democrat vote-trolling scheme, to push Hispanics to the polls?’

Let’s let the odds-makers rule on the matter:

What are the odds, just months before a tough election for Democrats who desperately need Hispanic voters to turn out in full force for them in November…

…that 50,000 Central American (Hispanic) kids simultaneously surged to America…

…that thousands of necessary ‘coyote’ smugglers would simultaneously just happen to be there at the Guatemala-Honduras-El Salvador-Belize-Mexican borders…

…that Central American and Mexican governments simultaneously turned a blind eye…

…that Obama’s team posted a request-for-bid proposal for illegal-alien unaccompanied  ‘child escort services’ (estimating the numbers to be in the 50,000 range)…

…just 4 months before the ‘simultaneous mass exodus’ began…

but the Obama-led Democrats had nothing to do with the chaos?

Right. What are the odds of that?

Oh, almost forgot…let’s also factor in this HUGE ‘coincidence’…

The ‘VoteTroller-in-Chief’ first visited Central America just before signing his DACA executive order that would be seen as an “Illegal Migrants Welcome” poster…

…but, according to Democrat sycophants…’nothing to see here, move along’.

Obama to America: ‘Pay no attention to the 291 bills passed by Republicans’

Defending his many unlawful executive actions, the ‘LawBreaker-in-Chief says “I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something, while (Republicans are) doing nothing”.

Doing nothing?

House Republicans have passed hundreds of bills…all sitting in the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s in-box…and Reid won’t bring them to the floor for a vote.

And, yes, that includes House immigration reform bills passed this year.

But in Obama’s world, Republicans passing 291 Reid-stalled bills is…’doing nothing’…?

What he really means to say is that Republicans won’t do it his way.

Think he’ll be challenged by an ‘objective’ news media?

Insurance Companies wrote Obamacare legislation…why any surprise they factored in a bailout?

A $billion-dollar bailout for insurance companies should come as a surprise to no one.

The insurance company lobbyists WROTE Obamacare legislation…what idiot doesn’t believe they included a few huge ‘cash-cows’ provisos, in order to guarantee profit?

So the headline should be:

‘Insurers Thank Democrats…Fatcat O’care-Authors Cash In, Taxpayers Lose’

What are the odds of that making the 6-o’clock News on NBC?.

The news isn’t what insurance companies will benefit from now

…the real news is what this Obamacare monstrosity has in store for us next.

Hola, Central American children…welcome, to the Democrat plantation

Remember once, when the young were torn from their homeland, shipped thousands of miles away, and forced to live lives of extreme poverty and burden in a foreign land?

No…not taken in 16th and 17th century Africa…but present day Central America…

…and imported now – 2014…into the United States of Obama.

What’s the difference between a slave trade then, and today’s illegal alien vote trade?

Both were designed to benefit the few, at the expense of many destroyed lives.

Both forced extreme hardship, cruelty, and suffering on families torn asunder; both doomed their ranks to the toil and poverty of the lowest-of-low income levels.

Slave ships then are replaced by ruthless ‘coyotes’ now; unspeakable hardships and atrocities are committed along the way, as governments turn a blind eye to the evil.

Plantation owners got cheap labor then; Democrats are hoping for cheap votes now.

A slave trade then, an illegal alien vote trade now…with little to separate the two.

Democrats have simply redefined the term ‘slave trade’, using our tax dollars…

…by taking vote trolling to a whole new low.

Part 2: Buying the Hispanic votes…1 toddler at a time…laid directly at Obama’s feet

A definitive Charles Hurt piece on validates our June 25 blog.

By his executive action, Obama orchestrated the chaos occurring at our border. If more proof is needed, feds posted a bid request for unaccompanied illegal kids months ago.

Hurt’s money quote?

“…executive actions have executive consequences (Mr. President). You are personally responsible for the harrowing conditions of every one of these children. You are personally responsible for ripping apart every single one of these families.”

We ask again…

What self-respecting Democrat would vote for a politician who endangers a child…

…for his or her political gain?

What does it say about an Hispanic electorate, that politicians believe their vote can be bought through such heinous, cold-blooded, calculated, and heartless brutality?

We’ll find out in November.

…when Blind Hatred trumps a desire to get ahead…

Nothing sells like hatred, and none sell it better than the Democrat Party.How else could a Party with such ruinous consequences for the economy prevail, election to election?

Democrats, with the help of a sycophant media, have sold many on a ‘greedy’ GOP, only out for themselves…but the very opposite is true. Case in point…

At a surprise birthday dinner recently, a gentleman displayed decades of effective Democrat indoctrination during a discussion on economy-destroying energy policy.

We proved over-regulation, high taxation, and artificially created shortages by refusing to expand domestic drilling (all Democrat policy) combine to drive fuel costs up, which affect the cost of every product that is grown or manufactured within the United States.

An easy example to provide: his gasoline price at the pump.

When Obama was elected in 2008, the national gasoline price average was $1.86 per gallon. As soon as he signed an executive order restricting drilling, prices doubled…

…and have stayed at double or more for the 5.5 years he’s held office.

We explained to the gentleman defending Democrat policy that it was their policy of blocking any new oil drilling that restricted energy supplies which (along with higher taxes and over-regulation that Democrats pride themselves on) drove up prices.

The only ones who benefit: Big Oil…and the Democrat politicians who help them.

With Republican plans of lower taxes, less restrictive regulation, and expanded drilling, the price of oil would be dramatically lowered, bringing lower prices at the pump…

…to which the gentleman protested: “But Republicans would be getting rich!”

His hatred of all things Republican blinded him to the fact that his fuel costs would be cut in half (as would his food costs, durable goods costs, and electricity costs)!

When you hate something more than you love saving money, it’s a powerful message.