Hola, Central American children…welcome, to the Democrat plantation

Remember once, when the young were torn from their homeland, shipped thousands of miles away, and forced to live lives of extreme poverty and burden in a foreign land?

No…not taken in 16th and 17th century Africa…but present day Central America…

…and imported now – 2014…into the United States of Obama.

What’s the difference between a slave trade then, and today’s illegal alien vote trade?

Both were designed to benefit the few, at the expense of many destroyed lives.

Both forced extreme hardship, cruelty, and suffering on families torn asunder; both doomed their ranks to the toil and poverty of the lowest-of-low income levels.

Slave ships then are replaced by ruthless ‘coyotes’ now; unspeakable hardships and atrocities are committed along the way, as governments turn a blind eye to the evil.

Plantation owners got cheap labor then; Democrats are hoping for cheap votes now.

A slave trade then, an illegal alien vote trade now…with little to separate the two.

Democrats have simply redefined the term ‘slave trade’, using our tax dollars…

…by taking vote trolling to a whole new low.

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