Ft Lauderdale Memorial Day riot news reveal the ‘race cowards’ among us…

News accounts of Memorial Day rioting in Ft Lauderdale were curiously uninformative, considering those reports started off by advising that rabble-rousers intended to riot.

If intentional, what was their motivation? Who were they?

Missing information? You bet…

Motivation of the rioters (other than mention of trouble at a park, before heading to the beach). Demographics of the rioters…other than that they were ‘young’ people.

Most of the pictures and video provided centered on law enforcement in riot gear, which begs a larger question…is the news media going out of its way to be Politically Correct?

Why avoid essential information, and photos of the troublemakers?

Searching through news reports, one photo seems to indicate more information than what on-site television news reporters, and newspaper journalists, care to provide.

Looks like the rioters were pretty identifiably of a certain minority type. Which begs the question: if a gang of whites or Hispanics had been the perpetrators, is it probable that the crowd photos and news reporting would have been a little more informative?

But don’t worry…when you’re out and about, just be on the lookout for ‘young’ people.

Evidently, the news media thinks that’s all you need to know.

Obama’s Attorney General thinks the U.S. is ‘still’ a nation of cowards on race.

BlueCollar believes most Americans know the difference between a minority group as a whole, and an unruly gang of rioting thugs exploiting a potentially explosive situation.

Unless he refers to those who rush to use the term ‘racist’ to vilify and muffle those who try dealing with this subject openly and honestly, we condemn AG Holder’s view.

BlueCollar suggests the cowards among us are… a mainstream news media who insult Americans by not giving us the credit of discerning the ‘thug’ from the good guy…

…and race-baiters like Holder…or race-demagogues like this one, sitting to his left.

Dude…that was, so like…YESTERDAY…!

Liberals just can’t get past the whole ‘don’t politicize this’ screed.

Whether it’s unanswered questions (Benghazi), or recent discovery of emails about the fraudulent VA wait-time records that hid outrageous (and fatal) medical appointment delays, they want it under the rug…at least until after November mid-term elections.

Fearful Democrats are trying to brand efforts to seek accountability as ‘politicizing’, quick to point out that VA problems (and campaign ‘reform’ promises) are old news.

Building on a phrase from an Obama aide’s riposte

Dude…this VA wait-time scandal was like…YESTERDAY!

With mid-term elections in just 5-1/2 months, any scandal hurts the party responsible.

(Emphasis on ‘responsible’.)

The 800-lb gorillas in Democrat parlors? Obama could have done something about it, with the stroke of that pen he’s so quick to use for blocking Republicans in Congress.

He’ll use it to give a few loyal government workers a raise…

…why didn’t he use it to save veterans’ lives?

The other 800-lb gorilla? A Democrat Senate is blocking dozens of VA reform bills.

Why? Because they were bills passed by a Republican House.

Veterans’ health was jeopardized. Fatalities occurred; this VA scandal is huge. Any political party whining about ‘politicizing’ in the face of such criminal behavior is, at the least, irresponsible…and at the most, politically calculating, cold-hearted, and vicious.

And, BlueCollar asserts…undeserving of any leadership position in government.

‘Politicizing’? Yeah, there’s one party that’s guilty…and that’s the Democrat Party.

The only group more disgusting is the news media, that refuse to hold feet to the fire.


Wouldn’t a ‘Memorial Day for Peace’ be Christmas…and Thanksgiving…and Veterans’ Day?

An LA Times op-ed asks, if we had a Memorial Day for Peace, would it end war?

Aren’t Christmas and Thanksgiving a day for peace?

Doesn’t Veterans’ Day recognize when we have peace…because of veterans?

And what about Arbor Day, Flag Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day…?

Or, is it more important that we ignore all those holidays, and just proclaim a Peace Day…in the belief that only by invoking ‘peace’ will it be given a chance?

Are we missing something?

Just asking…

Message to Democrats…don’t confuse ‘politicizing’ with inconvenient accountability

Surely even Democrats know the difference between ‘politicizing’ and ‘accountability’.

‘Politicizing’ is what Obama did during his pre-election campaigning. If you remember, in his 2007 VFW speech he promised to fix VA problems, honoring a sacred trust.

Now, as the November mid-terms draw near, Democrat soothsayers warn that the VA scandal ‘shouldn’t be politicized’. Translation: Republicans can’t use it against them.

Never mind that Obama & Democrats politicized VA reform, in several election cycles.

(While never ‘fixing’ a thing…over the last 6 years.)

Never mind the Democrat Senate is stalling a dozen House GOP VA reform bills.

Never mind that Obama and his team were advised of wait-list problems in 2008.

And, sadly, never mind that veterans died due to VA malfeasance and fraud.

Taking incompetent politicians to task for failures of this magnitude is not ‘politicizing’… it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY (yes, we know, that’s an alien concept to Democrats).

So, yeah, it’s bad timing for wailing Democrats…midterm elections are in November.

Tell that to families of the veterans who died for lack of promised reform.

We doubt if those families will have much sympathy for your complaint.

BlueCollar strongly expects those families will embrace the idea of accountability.

Even Rush Limbaugh misses the point of the ‘Obama-YouTube’ Benghazi phone call

So an email reveals the White House called YouTube about a video during Benghazi.

Now, Rep. Darrell Issa is saying that phone call puts the lie to White House claims that CIA talking points (issued after the attack) were how the blame got placed on the video.

Rush Limbaugh picked up that ball and ran with it on Friday.

But they miss a larger point.

The advanced plan to place the blame on an anti-Islam video wasn’t to mask Obama’s pre-election lie about his Middle East policies setting ‘al-Qaeda on its heels’…

…it was to de-fuse any assertions that Obama killing bin Laden and publicly bragging of it just before an election was the cause of terrorists mounting such a massive attack.

His VP, Joe Biden, invoked the phrase…“bin Laden’s dead, GM’s alive”…repeatedly…

EIGHT MONTHS BEFORE BENGHAZI! And, then, continually… until Benghazi.

How everyone has missed this remains a mystery.

Think. What’s more likely to fan the flame of Islamic anger – some obscure anti-Islam video that was largely ignored for months before 9/11/2012…

…or an American president bragging about killing the Islamic jihadi’s high priest…

…Usama bin Laden?

That video published by a Coptic Christian had merely a handful of views over the months before the Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans, and wounded dozens.

The real headline should have been…and should continue to be…

Obama bragged…and Americans were fragged.

And the real irony?

The whole ‘let’s-blame-a-video-to-inoculate-Obama’ idea wasn’t even necessary…

…Republicans were too gutless to think about blaming Obama and Biden anyway.

Obama himself has proven Obamacare is beyond fixing

Election-desperate Democrats are promising to ‘fix’ Obamacare.

The problem? Even the most Liberal Democrat knows it’s can’t be done.

“Obamacare Can’t Be Fixed” is a very compelling article in National Review.

In 786 words, Jeffrey Anderson makes the case why it’s not fixable.

We respect Mr. Anderson’s work, but feel the case can be made in one sentence.

Obama had to use his executive power to break and/or delay and/or waiver the law multiple times instead of ‘fixing’ problem areas…proving Obamacare can’t be fixed.

When even the ‘Lawbreaker-in-Chief can’t fix bad law except by breaking it, delaying it, or issuing waivers…that should tell you all you need to know.

Besides, if it could be fixed, election-desperate Senate Democrats would be doing it.

Just sayin’…