Slapping down Executive over-reach…

(With special thanks to Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation)

For those of you who may have missed it, Obama shot himself in the foot…

His January 2012 ‘recess’ appointments have been struck down by a 3-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 47-page decision, the judges laid out an extremely wide-ranging ruling that not only negates the NLRB appointments in question, but goes further in restricting the Executive recess-appointment powers.

Anyone who appreciates the Constitution would be well-advised to read this ruling. It is an impressive judgement that truly displays how words such as “the”, “Recess”, and “happen”  have meaning, and cannot be subverted to justify Executive power-grabs.

Ironic, that the man who made the “just words?” speech is finally brought to heel…

…by just 3 words…


Another law to control you…but not them.

Senate Democrat Feinstein introduced a gun-control measure Thursday that would ban over 150 types of guns…unless you’re a ‘government official’…

Specifically exempted are “…weapons used by government officials, law enforcement, and retired law enforcement personnel.”

Setting aside for the moment that ‘government’ tyranny was the precise reason a right to keep and bear arms was made the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights, a question almost as important could be…since ‘law enforcement’ types were already specified…

what defines a government official?

Harry Reid’s secretary? VA hospital daycare workers? CalTrans? City groundskeeper? County park lifeguards? Your mailman? Town garbage collectors?

(Why exempt them? Hey, there’s a reason the phrase ‘going postal’ came about.)

And, even if you’re a bootlicking, fawning sycophant of the party in power, you have to be tired of the daily “except me” legislation forced on you (Obamacare, anyone…?).

Or is that just a BlueCollar perspective…?

Question for Democrats…what difference does (the truth) make…?

Are there any honest, self-respecting Democrats left out there?

Does ‘truth’ from our elected leaders make a difference, when they’re Democrat?

Is this the new norm, rewarding 4 senior State Department officials with paid vacations when charged with ‘systemic failures and leadership deficiencies’…which led to such poor security in Benghazi that four Americans died as a result?

Is this the new norm, Democrats, when the leader of your party sends women out into the mainstream media to lie for weeks, and when asked to explain how those lies can be justified these women have the gall to ask “what difference does it make”…?

Have you sunk that low, when integrity is trumped by blind party loyalty?


Big difference between Obama’s Benghazi and Pres. Bush’s 9/11…

Democrats trying to whitewash Benghazi say Obama’s no more to blame than President George W. Bush was for Sept 11, 2001. Pathetic…there’s a HUGE difference.

President Bush hadn’t spent his first several months since his inauguration claiming ‘al Qaida is on it’s heels’, as a Middle East went up in administration-inspired flames.

President Bush didn’t deliberately lie to the American people for 2 straight weeks after the coordinated 9/11 attacks about who was to blame for them, and why.

Benghazi was, for all intents and purposes, a war zone…brought about in large part due to Obama’s inept ‘lead from behind’ foreign policy that created a Libyan power vacuum.

And even our children know Sept 11 has become a global target date for every 3rd world homegrown terrorist as THE symbolic day to strike against America. There was no such rallying date prior, and any attempt to claim otherwise is a bald-faced lie.

(FYI – In prior attacks against America, the USS Cole was bombed Oct 12, three coordinated African embassy bombings were perpetrated Aug 07, the Lebanon embassy bombing was April 18, and the Lebanon barracks bombing was Oct 23. ’93 World Trade Center bombing was Feb 26. No commonality, no linkage.)

Obama was in office over 3 years, and was campaigning strongly for re-election when he started bragging about killing bin Laden and defeating al Qaida to boost his foreign policy and national defense standing. He could not afford to have Benghazi tied to him.

His national security team, including CIA leadership, had been in place for 3 years.

But, in 2001, the FBI Director held over from the Clinton administration was being attacked on all sides by Democrats trying to stuff Clinton-created manure back into the Democrat Party donkey, as he tried to investigate widespread administration scandal.

Director Freeh left in June, 2001, interim Director Pickard held that office for 71 days, and was replaced by Director Mueller, Sept 04, 2001…7 days before 9/11. And, in that era, the closest thing to a Dept of Homeland Security was the FBI.

The only commonality is terrorism. Obama had 3 years to prepare for Benghazi, and was claiming victory over al Qaida…while ignoring all pleas for security in Libya!

As with unruly kids, those who scream loudest and point fingers of blame are typically the ones causing the problem in the first place, lying to stay out of trouble…

…but the difference is, when Democrats lie…Americans die.

For those who say ‘what’s past is past’, tell that to those Americans still serving this administration in 3rd-world hotspots…we’re sure they’ll be comforted.


Confused priorities from a Secretary of State threaten more American lives…

During Senate testimony this morning, when questioned about Ambassador Susan Rice purposely misleading the American public post-Benghazi, the Washington Post reports Hillary Clinton said that “…it’s less important…” to determine what motivated the Benghazi attackers “…than to find them and bring them to justice…”

While justice cries out for the 4 Americans killed on Sept. 11 in Libya, we would suggest that the thousands of Americans now serving overseas in dangerous hotspots want to know their country is doing everything possible to keep them safe…that expectation is predicated on the importance of understanding motivation and premeditation.

Secretary Clinton reveals everything that’s wrong about this administration’s world view.

What has happened cannot be changed…what will happen next could be changed, with a better understanding of past events that results in better preparation for the future.

American diplomats and security people in harm’s way deserve a better understanding of priorities than the inverted view Secretary Clinton and Obama officials offer.

Because, the Middle East being what it is…there WILL be a next time…

History 103…one Party’s proud ANTI-civil rights agenda…

Loosely adapted…“Those who won’t learn from history are…doomed…”

Challenge…can you identify the pattern in the following history of civil rights?

1860 – pro-slavery anti-civil rights Democrats, in a desperate attempt to maintain slavery, nominate not one, but two pro-slavery candidates for president. (That effort back-fired, and anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected president.)

1964 – anti-civil rights Democrats lead a Senate filibuster to block the Civil Rights Act (Republicans eventually gained enough Democrat support to get it passed that June).

2013 – anti-civil rights Democrats now lead an assault against Americans in their effort to curb 2nd Amendment civil liberties, which Republicans staunchly defend.

FYI – Civil rights & civil liberties are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights (the original 10 amendments), and subsequent amendments.

Did you spot that pattern yet…?

Don’t worry though: if Liberal Armored Angst’ers and the mainstream media onslaught succeed, soon gun ownership will no longer be a civil right…

…and gun control will be its replacement (historical rewrites being what they are).

Then the question of ‘how stupid can Americans be?’ will finally be answered.

Excuse me…isn’t April 15th a National Day of Atonement…?

Rush Limbaugh just mentioned some teacher or professor is suggesting we end the celebration of Thanksgiving, and in its place, invoke a ‘National Day of Atonement’, for the past history of – I don’t know…black oppression, white supremacy(?) – in the USA.

In all seriousness…isn’t that day – April 15th, tax day – already in place?

Or is that $1 trillion+ spent every year on welfare programs just going down a rathole?

The Key to Life…reveals an abject leadership failure.

File under Foxhole Philosophy – The Key to Life, it’s very essence…is Integrity.

Hidden from a sniper in a long-ago war, where any slight movement could invite an unwelcome ‘full metal jacket’ response, one often experiences a ‘near-death clarity’.

What’s important in Life? What’s the essence? Stark reality, that an unseen adversary could take all away with 7.62mm finality, reveals that status, position, life-experiences, material possessions…all mean nothing when the crosshairs are on your chest.

Thus, a ‘foxhole’ revelation…The meaning of Life is in how you choose to Live it.

After all, everything you have can be taken away. Whether by sniper in far-away jungle or desert wars, a random drunken driver, or an aloof government in Washington, your life can be changed in a heartbeat…regardless of any desperate efforts on your part.

Your house, your kids, your job, your car, even your life…anything of any importance to you…can be taken – except your Integrity. That can’t be taken, unless you give it away.

Integrity is the Essence…it’s the only thing you truly own, that can’t be taken from you. This applies to how you live your life, and every issue you encounter along the way.

An issue without Integrity has no value. So what does it say about an issue, if deception or falsehoods are necessary to support it, rather than a bedrock foundation of Integrity?

Yet, once again, in an attack on the American people and the Constitution, the Left’s favorite leader has relied on – not just deception, not just falsehoods – but, sadly, child exploitation as well, in an effort to further erode 2nd Amendment rights of citizens.

Relying on deception, falsehoods, and child exploitation to push Gun Control should tell you everything you need to know about how invalid the Left’s argument has been.

More importantly, when does Obama get held to account for his willingness to – once again – perpetrate a hoax on Americans, using such devious, shameful tactics?

So many hoaxes…so little time…

18th century English author Samuel Johnson said that “…patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel…”; meant as a criticism of what he viewed as false patriotism in others.

Add to our American lexicon a new entry – ‘Obamalism’ – defining an all-inclusive rich tapestry of falsehoods, deception, and (child) exploitation, woven to sell the next hoax…

…used as a descriptive for an act necessary when issues lack Integrity.

When Integrity goes AWOL – ‘Obamalism’…the last refuge of a hoaxster.

Roe-v-Wade…an informal poll, mixed results…

Just goes to show you how clued in our under-30 generation is…

The Washington Times ran a story of a Pew poll that showed only 44% of that age group knew Roe-v-Wade was about abortion. BCP thought it would be educational to take an informal poll of youngsters attending a prominent college in the area.

Appears that our college-area kids seem more clued in than Pew’s. Over 58% knew it was a Supreme Court decision involving abortion. Sadly, the clueless were way off…

23% thought Roe-v-Wade was a sport-fisherman’s choice between fishing from a boat or walking in shallows close to shoreline…

17% thought Roe-v-Wade was a body-builder’s protein regimen choice of fish eggs versus milk curd (whey) protein drinks…

2% told us to drop dead.

(We assume they were coyly suggesting a self-induced very-late-term abortion.)


Armored Angst-ers assert their kids are more important than yours…

Left-wing media and blogsters are up-in-arms (pun intended) over the new NRA ad that calls Obama ‘just another elitist hypocrite’ who wants armed security for his kids at school, while dismissing that need for the rest of the nation. (BCP coined the phrase ‘Armored Angst-ers’ for the armed security hypocrite Lib crowd in a Jan 03 blog.)

The point the Left rushes to make is that Obama’s kids ARE more important than yours, by nature of his elected position. (And it probably drives them crazy that the NRA turned Obama’s ‘fairness’ doctrine against him, citing his typical liberal hypocrisy when it comes to a ‘fair share of security’ for the nations school-children as a whole).

BlueCollar suggests that those Americans who feel their kids are just as important as Obama’s should start a White House petition, requesting that Liberal leadership immediately show us the way by declaring their childrens’ schools Gun-Free zones, and then take it one step further by declaring their own workplaces Gun-Free zones as well.

After all, as the NRA noted, Obama and Democrats feel very strongly about Fairness…

(Be advised though, that the White House has just upped the signature requirements on those petitions, slightly…well, okay, quadrupled…)

C’mon, all you Armored Angst-ers…put your security where your mouth is…