Big difference between Obama’s Benghazi and Pres. Bush’s 9/11…

Democrats trying to whitewash Benghazi say Obama’s no more to blame than President George W. Bush was for Sept 11, 2001. Pathetic…there’s a HUGE difference.

President Bush hadn’t spent his first several months since his inauguration claiming ‘al Qaida is on it’s heels’, as a Middle East went up in administration-inspired flames.

President Bush didn’t deliberately lie to the American people for 2 straight weeks after the coordinated 9/11 attacks about who was to blame for them, and why.

Benghazi was, for all intents and purposes, a war zone…brought about in large part due to Obama’s inept ‘lead from behind’ foreign policy that created a Libyan power vacuum.

And even our children know Sept 11 has become a global target date for every 3rd world homegrown terrorist as THE symbolic day to strike against America. There was no such rallying date prior, and any attempt to claim otherwise is a bald-faced lie.

(FYI – In prior attacks against America, the USS Cole was bombed Oct 12, three coordinated African embassy bombings were perpetrated Aug 07, the Lebanon embassy bombing was April 18, and the Lebanon barracks bombing was Oct 23. ’93 World Trade Center bombing was Feb 26. No commonality, no linkage.)

Obama was in office over 3 years, and was campaigning strongly for re-election when he started bragging about killing bin Laden and defeating al Qaida to boost his foreign policy and national defense standing. He could not afford to have Benghazi tied to him.

His national security team, including CIA leadership, had been in place for 3 years.

But, in 2001, the FBI Director held over from the Clinton administration was being attacked on all sides by Democrats trying to stuff Clinton-created manure back into the Democrat Party donkey, as he tried to investigate widespread administration scandal.

Director Freeh left in June, 2001, interim Director Pickard held that office for 71 days, and was replaced by Director Mueller, Sept 04, 2001…7 days before 9/11. And, in that era, the closest thing to a Dept of Homeland Security was the FBI.

The only commonality is terrorism. Obama had 3 years to prepare for Benghazi, and was claiming victory over al Qaida…while ignoring all pleas for security in Libya!

As with unruly kids, those who scream loudest and point fingers of blame are typically the ones causing the problem in the first place, lying to stay out of trouble…

…but the difference is, when Democrats lie…Americans die.

For those who say ‘what’s past is past’, tell that to those Americans still serving this administration in 3rd-world hotspots…we’re sure they’ll be comforted.


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