God forbid there should be a reasoned man appointed as attorney general…

What else is new? In a fit of predictable hysteria, Democrat senator (writ small) Schumer calls on Trump to pull attorney general pick over Mueller memo

That Trump nominee, you see, wrote a reasoned article on what was known as publicly available information on the obstruction charges Mueller was considering vs Trump.

God forbid a reasoned individual should be Attorney General.

Andy McCarthy has a great in-depth analysis concerning that article William Barr wrote, saying “Barr, whom President Trump has nominated to be the next attorney general, was not prejudging the facts. He was addressing the law and Justice Department policy. With great persuasive force, the 19-page memo posits two contentions. First, based on what is publicly known, the special counsel’s theory of obstruction is legally flawed. Second, if a Justice Department investigation is going to be used to take down a democratically elected president, the social cohesion of our body politic demands that it be over a clear, very serious crime, not a novel and aggressive theory of prosecution.” 

“Legally flawed” prosecution is a serious matter.

Likewise, to “take down a democratically elected president” is a serious matter.

When a nominee for Attorney General is not worthy of consideration because he/she is willing to address serious matters in a forthright, open manner, it’s silly season in DC.

Especially if we consider that, on a wide range of issues liberal Supreme Court Justices like Ginsberg has opined…should she recuse on abortion and gun-ownership rights?

Schumer is a blithering idiot – a symbolic image of New York elitists.

Weighing in on legal issues is what reasoning legal minds do, Chuck. Get over it.

When was the last time a millionaire flipped your burger?

Next time your Liberal buddy complains the rich are benefitting most, give ’em this…

Look Who’s Benefitting Most from the Trump Boom

Key takeaway: “A recent Wall Street Journal economic analysis of current jobs reports found that worker wages were starting to rise above inflation and that the biggest percentage gains were showing up in the paychecks of the lowest income workers.”

And then, there’s this: “employment data is showing the same positive trends for those demographic groups that are often on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder: young people, those without high school degrees, Hispanics, and blacks. The Bureau of Labor statistics found that over Trump’s first two years in office, these groups experienced the largest declines in their group unemployment rates…” 

The irony? “…every group that was least likely to vote for Trump has seen an abnormally large gain in jobs and wages. Our supposed racist president has delivered outsized economic gains for blacks and Hispanics – with both groups now experiencing the lowest unemployment rates in at least a half century.” 

And the FINAL irony? “…income gains under Mr. Obama were mostly concentrated in those Americans in the top 20 percent of income. This is why the income gap between rich and poor rose nearly every year under Obama.” 

(bold, underline emphasis added in each excerpt)

Numbers don’t lie, but think you’ll hear any of this from the FakeNews media?

Ryan’s song…a travesty in many-part GOP harmony

Congressman Ryan is leaving, and his good-bye address should be considered a mea culpa…he laments all the ‘urgent’ legislation the Nation needs that didn’t get passed.

But, as he bemoans the partisan nature of a Congress unwilling to do the heavy lifting on immigration and entitlement reform, he hopes we don’t remember one little detail…

…Republicans controlled the House, and could’ve done that heavy lifting.

And, before anyone points out the super-majority rule on passing legislation involving any expenditures, it would be wise to consider this…rules could’ve been changed.

Besides, there’s always legislative sleight-of-hand that could’ve been employed, like the kind Democrats used to get Obamacare through the Senate on a simple majority vote.

(Who remembers the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act, a defunct House bill, was amended with the ENTIRE TEXT of a health bill to get it passed…as Obamacare?)

So, MISTER Ryan…

…if items of such magnitude were so critical, so vital to America’s future, why didn’t you and the Republicans running Congress do WHATEVER was needed to get it done?

We’re faced with 2 alternatives: either ‘urgent’ needs for America aren’t all that urgent, and it’s just partisan hype meant to make the opposition to such needs look bad…

…or they ARE URGENT – and the GOP failed America – in which case…

…Congressional Republicans are a national disgrace.



(But look at the bright side…there are days left in 2018 to do it right.)

(Yeah – like that’ll happen.)

Timeline proves Mueller obstructed justice, through stupidity…or intent

As reported by Byron York

The Insp. Gen’l for the Dept of Justice discovered anti-Trump text messages of the FBI love-trio (Page/Strzok) on their FBI cell phones, and informed special counsel Mueller.

Mueller had hired them in May ’17 as part of his Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ investigative team, and they “were issued special counsel iPhones. They apparently used those phones in addition to the Samsung S7s, which they still had”.

As a result of the IG information, Mueller removed them from the team: Lisa Page left July 15, 2017, and Peter Strzok was gone in ‘late July 2017’…but the plot thickens.

As York notes…Mueller “thought the situation serious enough to remove Strzok and Page…Yet…the Mueller office stripped Page’s iPhone of all data without ever checking on its contents, and they stripped Strzok’s iPhone after a perfunctory check that may or may not have taken note of the content of its text messages. When Horowitz asked for and (belatedly) received the phones, he could recover nothing from them.”

Remember, Page/Strzok had been using those special counsel cell-phones for the two months prior to their final departure, in conjunction with their investigative efforts. And Mueller discharged them because of the virulent texting that had been going on prior, yet made no effort to protect the SC-issued iPhones, letting them get scrubbed.

Either Mueller’s not the sharpest pencil in the box, or he’s duplicitous in spoliation.

Either way, it disqualifies him as capable of a special counsel investigation. Hell, based on this information it disqualifies him from holding any kind of office…or a law degree.

(One can only hope somebody in the IG office remembers there’s an NSA.)

If anybody ‘caves’ on the Wall, it will be congressional Republicans

Now that the Trump administration is signaling that it is looking through his Cabinet departments for available funds to build the border wall, there’s talk Trump’s caving.

Fact is, he’s giving congressional Republicans the time to work out how to join with him on border-wall funding legislation…a President’s job politically is to help his Party win.

But, if enough Republicans can’t be found to push a project through, President Trump’s top priority is national security; controlling our southern border falls within that priority.

If the GOP signals it believes it doesn’t have the willpower or constituent support to go along with the President’s agenda, and a shutdown would hurt them, he’ll do what he can to protect their status by not forcing Congress to do it’s job, and fund another way.

A wall will be built…with the help of Congress, or without their help.

When will this ever end…?

This RedState.com article sums it up in mind-numbing accuracy…“After Two Years of Exhaustive Investigations, Journalists Still Cannot Corroborate Any Allegations In Dossier Which Triggered Russian Collusion Probe”

“For over two years, teams of investigators and reporters have thoroughly examined the claims contained in the Steele Dossier and have been unable to corroborate a single one. Trump’s presidency has been held hostage for two years now over a document that is nothing but a collection of lies.”  (bold, underline emphasis added)

In a truth-stranger-than-fiction reality, Democrats and their media masters unable to acknowledge their failure in a terrible candidacy of Hillary Clinton have destroyed not only the credibility of mainstream media, but our trust in America’s federal agencies.

Is there anyone honest on the Left, willing to call a halt to their madness?

Stop stressing about ‘breaking the build-the-wall promise’ hypothetical

Trump supporters should not let FakeNews create a distrustful environment over the build-a-wall promises of President Trump, because it’s gonna get done, sooner or later.

Sure – he promised a wall…but he didn’t promise to destroy Republicans in Congress.

Part of his job as the Leader of his Party is to give them every opportunity to succeed; time and again, he’s opened the door for Republicans in Congress to get on his wagon.

He wins BIG if Congress funds the wall, but still wins if he has to go around them. Give him the benefit of the doubt – he wants the congressional GOP to be winners too.

Failing that, he can still build the wall…so, give him credit for trying to help his Party.

All this hype over him backtracking on the wall is just that…HYPE.

Media better be careful what they ask for

Calling for the National Enquirer to be charged with campaign finance violations for not running a story on Pres. Trump prior to his election could have serious consequences.

It’s being claimed that an act of not printing a negative story is a campaign contribution.

But, extending the logic, then it means RUNNING stories must be contributions as well.

(Besides…freedom of the press’ also means they’re free to run or not run stories.)

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Destroying evidence eliminates any credibility for this special counsel & his probe

Daily Caller: “New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice”

Evidence destruction and obstruction of justice are serious charges, and regardless of the issue, would qualify as all the reason needed to disqualify an ongoing investigation.

“The Inspector General of the Department of Justice reported late last week that Mueller wiped Peter Strzok’s cell phone of all messages during the crucial time he was working for special counsel. The IG was unable to recover any text messages from it.”

(bold, underline emphasis added)

What credibility is left for an investigative team (and its leader) guilty of such actions?