A political Party-of-No-Values results in a Party-of-Sexual-Abusers

Quick – is there a male Democrat in a leadership role who HASN’T abused women?

The Democrat Party has demonized Republicans for years with War-on-Women memes that, we find out now, is more suited to describe the Party making the accusations.

What manner of hubris is this?

Unless, of course, we count unfounded-accusation’ desperation…has anyone noticed this latest frenzy of sex-abusers being outed seems curiously devoid of…Republicans?

And media is outed as well…there’s no place even the likes of Matt Lauer can hide.

We wonder how long it will be before the exalted highest-ranked media ownership start getting outed for despicable conduct…don’t believe their conduct is above reproach.

After all, birds of a feather flock together…especially, it seems, the sex raptor-type.

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot…

…for Democrats and media enablers…how does a double-standard survive now?

We suggest the same level of hypocrisy can be found in the other Democrat memes as well if the media were honest, such as the War on Minorities, Party-of-the Rich, etc, etc.

At this rate, the Democrats will be devoid of a platform by 2018.

With every retirement on the Left, the question arises…ANOTHER abuser?

Now uber-hater Keith Olbermann and uber-open-borders Luis Guiterrez are retiring.

Considering all the sex-abuse brouhaha among Lefties of late, are we wrong to be, shall we say…cynical? After all, their timing is – at the very least – suspect.

Just think – had Hillary the cover-up-Queen been elected – many of the Left’s serial sex-abusers, just recently exposed, would have remained hidden from sight.

Thank you, Donald Trump.

Trusting they can roll congressional GOP, Pelosi & Schumer bail on White House meeting

Schumer, Pelosi cancel meeting with Trump as shutdown showdown begins

Early this morning, the President had tweeted that he was meeting with the Democrat leaders, but was concerned ‘cuz they want open borders and higher taxes, so it’s not a surprise to learn the Democrat leadership pulled out of the meeting. What is surprising is they’ve exposed themselves as being what Trump accuses them of by not showing.

They can’t roll Trump, but think they can roll Republican leadership in Congress.

Let’s hope congressional spines in the GOP have stiffened.

Heritage-Liar exposed by truth-teller…faux outrage ensues

Elizabeth Warren lied about having a Native American heritage in order to gain favored status treatment throughout her early years in education, and got caught out.

Rush Limbaugh laughingly coined the phrase ‘Fauxcohantas’ to describe Warren.

In a ceremony Monday, the President honored war-time efforts of the Native American contingent, and couldn’t resist a dig at Fauxcohantas…now the Left is in melt-down.

It’s as if the Left never heard Obama call out his political opponents. And it’s not about the perceived ‘racism’ or ‘ethnic slur’ President Trump is being accused of – this is about a Heritage-Liar, the Left’s darling Elizabeth Warren, being called out as a fraud.

Truth is, she lied about her heritage – there’s no proof behind her claims.

Telling the truth isn’t racist…unless, of course, you’re exposing a Leftie.

Fake news…fake heritage…the Left has got the Faux-market cornered.

What they DON’T have cornered is the ability to attack a political opponent without the opponent being able to defend themselves – Warren’s been attacking Trump daily, and he’s simply taking the opportunity to reply in kind – and they HATE that.

Acting as if the President’s tweak of Warren was unprovoked is disingenuous, and is a typical ploy of Democrats – all of them are masters at this, with FakeNews media help.

Fauxcahontas was tweaked by a truth-teller, and playing the ‘race’ card is…weak.

Truth be told, Fauxcohantas slurred Native Americans with her heritage-lies.

Face it, Ms. Warren: a white man – properly identifying a white woman who fraudulently claimed a Native American heritage as a liar – cannot be racist.

As the Left’s darling, James Comey is now exposed for the partisan he is

Headline: James Comey’s pedestal is crumbling

From ignoring Russian hacking efforts to pre-determining Hillary’s innocence in email-gate to leaking classified documents of confidential meetings with the President, this guy is exposed as a partisan hack par excellence…and well deserving of dismissal.

Just one more reason why political appointees absent experience have no business being in charge of our Nation’s critical law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Unhhh, sorry…Charles Manson had to have been a Democrat

The Left-wing media is trying to tie Charles Manson to the Republicans, but he was a racist in the manner of the KKK…which, as we know, was a Democrat militant group.

Manson committed his acts in the attempt to start a race war, and if the media were at all honest, they would see the corollary between Manson then, and Antifa/BLM now.

Much as they try, BlueCollar won’t let Democrats dodge their KKK legacy of racism.

Who is AG Sessions covering for?

A Zero Hedge article ponders why Attorney General Sessions would be covering for Democrats with this UraniumOne scandal, but think about who was in charge.

Jeff Sessions was a Republican Senator, and everyone remembers the last eight years of ‘never attack Barack Obama’ that persisted in the Congress during his tenure.

Is Sessions stonewalling because he’s unsure of the blowback that could occur if, God forbid, Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first black president, is elbows-deep in a scandal so huge it makes Watergate look like a jay-walking whimsy?

If that’s the real reason, America’s Rule of Law now has 2 caveats…

  1. Democrat candidates can’t be charged for crimes, if they’re election opponents;
  2. Democrat Presidents can’t be charged for crimes, if they’re black.