Sorry, Chuck…but ‘dynamic scoring’ is Real World math, not your math

Ripping the tax cut plan, Senator Chuck Schumer claims dynamic scoring is ‘fake math’.

Nothing could be further from the truth…unless you want to go with the CBO version of ‘static scoring’, which is the actual fake math Chuck wants to use in his argument.

Dynamic scoring means there will be consequences that can be factored when a tax cut program is put into place, such as recipients re-investing, companies growing, creating more jobs…that will ultimately end up being realized as more tax-dollar potential. It only makes sense that more money in a pocket will be spent or invested in other ways.

Static scoring ignores consequences – everything stays at zero. The only way static scoring makes any logical sense is if tax-cut savings are literally buried in a backyard.

Remember, taxes remove money from our free-market economy. It only makes sense that tax-cuts put the money BACK INTO our economy. If as savings – a bank then has more money to loan. If as a purchase – more products are manufactured, which means more raw materials are required, more transportation provided, more jobs, etc, etc, etc.

Senator ‘Fake Math’ knows this…so why would he lie? Because it supports his Party’s opposition to cutting spending. Democrats are all about Big Government…

…and tax cuts threaten their Big Government program.

Why can’t tax cuts ever be ‘paid for’ by SPENDING LESS?

Another day, another kabuki theater playing out on Capitol Hill. This time it’s tax cuts, and we can’t help but wonder why Republicans perpetuate the Democrat LIE about ‘paying for’ tax cuts…as if the amount government spends every year is inevitable.

In Jim Carrey’s iconic ‘Liar, Liar’ movie, he plays a lawyer who suddenly has no choice but to tell the truth. He takes a phone call from a client, a perpetual small-time criminal, who’s just been nabbed (again) and is seeking Carrey’s legal advice. Carrey snatches the phone from his secretary and screams into it…“stop breaking the law, A**hole!”

Next time a Democrat buddy wails about how to ‘pay for’ tax cuts, try this response…

…’stop OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING, a**holes!’

Think about it, folks…if your kids go crazy spending their allowance on foolish things, an easy way to put a stop to it is to give them LESS. It’s amazing how fast the fact they’ll have to do with less sharpens their focus, and brings their spending back in line.

Let’s give Congress a benefit of the doubt…they must be at least as smart as your kids.

Freedom of speech…to push a LIE…?

It’s amazing to watch those once considered thoughtful trying to thread a needle with homilies and platitudes on an issue where they’re just flat-out, DEAD WRONG.

If there was an honest grievance, okay, but this display of disrespect is built on a LIE.

Those invoking freedom of speech as a justification for NFL spoiled millionaires taking a knee forget, that the ‘speech’ they claim a right to, involves a LIE about our police…

…and/or a LIE about the reason for black America’s current ‘inequality’ plight.

It’s time someone told these overpaid primadonnas (and enablers) the truth:

Take a knee against Chicago, take a knee against the Democrat Party…but STOP disrespecting the American flag…and the Nation that gave you Freedom…

…even if that freedom’s used to make bad choices. We’ll give some the benefit of the doubt, because they could very well be just ignorant of the facts – but only for so long. There’s been enough exposure and information shared now to remedy that ignorance.

Doing so now during a moment of respect for our country, is giving the paying public the middle finger…plain and simple…and if the public votes with their feet, it has nothing to do with denying their ‘freedom of speech/expression’. We refuse to take that disrespect.

Spare us the “standing for the National Anthem is meaningless if it’s mandated” and “be tolerant of dissent” claptrap. This isn’t playground or peewee football, this is the NFL, a venue where it costs hundreds of dollars to go watch a game, and the public refuses to pay hard-earned money to watch overpaid athletes disrespect the flag, the Nation…us.

(And those platitudes don’t mean anything to a league where you get flagged and fined  for displays of disrespect to the other team, its coaches, or the refs…every weekend.)

America has done nothing wrong here, and choosing that measure of disrespect to protest a false premise doesn’t cut it. If they want to take a knee, do it at half-time, or during their pre-game warmup…but NOT during a moment of respect for my country.

The ThugFL is a business-for-profit, not an elementary school playground. Intentional disrespect to its customers will cost that business money. A restaurant can fire a waiter who writes a disrespectful note on a customer’s bill, and a team owner can fire a player who disrespects their customer – the fan paying big dollars…to watch a game

…not a spectacle.

But, whatever, it boils down to this: here’s your next choice, NFL…

…PATRIOTS can stand during the anthem…LIARS and their Useful Idiots can kneel.

Choose wisely…because we can choose also. And, as always, we’re left wondering…

…how long will white guilt give cover to the Black-LIES-Matter crowd?

How many Democrat lawyers will it take to find a crime?

Special counsel Mueller has over 17 Democrat lawyers working the Trump-Russia thing for all it’s worth…and they still can’t come up with a crime worth unleashing the dogs.

Think about it – 17 lawyers, plus the awesome investigative powers of the FBI and Dept of Justice…and if reporting’s accurate, they’re reduced to pawing over old tax returns.

Now, we’d like to be fair to Mueller’s team, so let’s assume each high-powered lawyer in the group has very patriotic leanings, and thus charges only what a lowly DC lawyer will charge as an hourly rate, which we’ve been told amounts to about $500-per-hour.

Weekly, if each lawyer works 20 hours, they’re pulling down $10,000 per; that works out to approximately $40,000 a month – $680k per month for the team. We don’t count Mr. Mueller (by all reports he’s a straight-shooter, no doubt donating his time for the cause).

So, our tax dollars have contributed several million dollars to date, investigating for a crime that’s never been found, turning 18 lawyers into…IRS auditors…

…and we’re pretty sure we had enough of them ALREADY.

God forbid if they’re charging their normal hourly rate.

But to get back to our leading question – how many Democrat lawyers will it take, and how long, to find a crime…ANY crime…to hold against this President?

Apparently, as many lawyers as it takes…and as long as it takes.

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Congressional Democrats – still hiding massive data breach, yet still handling classified info

If it weren’t for the Daily Caller, you wouldn’t know House Democrats are desperately in cover-up mode, trying to hide how unskilled aides stole massive amounts of their data.

(This article details their efforts to pass off terabytes of data unlawfully downloaded as nothing more than 3 elementary-age kids’ homework and family photos, even though a 100-pg book report uses less than a megabyte of data…and a terabyte is one million megabytes. Who believes 3 ten year-olds wrote one million book reports…anyone?)

Funny, how the FakeNews media continues their silence on this national security issue.

But, sure, they need lots of time for their anti-Trump stories. (Here’s a thought: maybe they could hire the Awan kids…after all, according to the congressional Democrats, it certainly seems their writing output is the stuff of legends, and up to the task.)

In the meantime though, we have a question…

…why aren’t congressional Democrats recused from the House of Representatives and their duties – many involving classified issues – while this massive data breach unfolds?

Especially in light of the fact they’ve stood in lockstep to cover it up?


If the Left condemns patriotism as ‘political’…what does that make the Left?

If the Left condemns being patriotic as ‘political’…what does that make the Left?

Standing during our National Anthem to show respect for country is about as unpolitical as it gets. Kneeling to show disrespect is the real politicizing activity here.

Being an American patriot should cut across political lines, not define them. But the Left seems to think just the opposite, which implies a very obvious (and damning) logic…

…anyone on the Left is NOT a patriotic American.

Thanks for clearing that up, Lefties.