Shouldn’t someone remind sanctuary-city mayors of their state’s constitutional obligations?

As mayors of sanctuary cities get panties in a bunch over the President’s actions to defund sanctuary locales, it would be wise to remember their states’ obligations.

Executive officers of states must take an oath of office to support the Constitution (Art. VI)…they should realize failure to do so invites federal intervention.

They’d know that, if our public education system did its job and taught civics101…

…or if they followed

(Failing that, you’d think they would at least honor the desire of their constituents.)

We bet the Clintons can put Wikileaks in touch with tax return ‘experts’

Wikileaks is looking for the President’s tax returns, so they can publish them, since it now appears that President Trump doesn’t seem inclined to do so.

We wonder why they haven’t reached out to the Clintons?

After all, considering their involvement in the creative ‘Russian dossier’, fabricated to delegitimize Mr. Trump, they’re certainly intimate with the creative elements needed.

A little imaginative fabrication and, voila, one damning (fake) tax return to publish.

And recent history shows there are sham-media sites willing to pull that trigger.

Our suggestion? President Trump should prompt his talented team to fabricate a set of tax returns, the more ridiculous the better…then troll sham-media for takers.

But, then again, it gets boring snagging CNN on the hook all the time.

Before anyone wastes sympathy for an anti-Trump Secret Service agent…

A female Secret Service agent suggested on Facebook she’d rather face ‘jail time’ than ‘take a bullet’ protecting the President…well, she’s taking heat now.

But, before people start defending her right to an opinion, it would be best to remember her job specifically involves protection of American Presidents.

Indicating you’re not up to fulfilling your job responsibilities is cause for dismissal… anyone dumb enough not to know that shouldn’t be armed around a President.

Besides, she violated the Hatch Act, specifically, that agents…

“May not post a comment to a blog or a social media site that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.”

Message to Agent O’Grady:

There’s no ‘jail time’ necessary for your stated position…

…but a pink slip would DEFINITELY be in order.

Sham-stream media won’t relent…why should the President?

It’s obvious the Sham-stream media still don’t see they’re not up against the typical politician in the White House now, which means they’ll continue to lose.

A successful businessman must, by definition, recognize and neutralize opposition forces in order to stay competitive…President Trump is a successful businessman.

He understands how the media employs their strategy, and beats them at it.

For too long, they’ve been successful at falsely attributing motivations to their target opposition, then grinding away with the lie until the poor schlub crawls off defeated.

When the President’s press secretary Spicer lectured inaccurate reporting Saturday, at the 4:17 mark he advised that the White House will hold press accountable.

This is unacceptable to the Sham-stream media; accountability only goes one way.

The press implies Spicer only referred to mall-goer attendance at the inauguration, but at the 2:40 mark he specifically cites “…both in person and around the globe.”

They can try to imply otherwise, but it’s obvious Spicer meant TOTAL viewership.

Seems they still don’t recognize the disparity between their sunken favorability…and the favorability ratings of the man just elected to office by the American people.

Those who see this as ‘beneath the office’ fail to realize it’s just that attitude which has made the Sham-stream media so successful bullying their targets in the past.

President Trump knows you can’t give these liars an inch.

He won’t.

And so the games begin.