Renew the Patriot Act metadata process…or suffer the subsequent security failures?

NSA metadata surveillance aspects of the Patriot Act expire Jun 1.

In a great article by Andrew McCarthy, we’re reminded of what nobody seems to acknowledge…NSA metadata phone call collection has no names or addresses.

Just numbers, called by other numbers. A court must allow further detail.

Metadata gathering is just dot-connecting. Readily accessible phone books have more information about you than the metadata being collected and analyzed.

Those agonizing over privacy issues forget that…conveniently, it seems…so the privacy-police are winning, and it appears metadata gathering will expire.

But rejoicing will only last until the next terror attack on American soil.

Then, those who complain over failure to ‘connect-the-dots’ must understand…

their efforts eliminated the dots.

Sadly, average Americans…who don’t have the high-security afforded those who bandy about our protective layers so cavalierly…will pay the price.

Consequences of subdued authority play out, in Baltimore…and Middle East

Though the media won’t report it, Baltimore is embroiled in spiraling violent crime.

Obama’s policy, to step back and reduce visibility, encourages criminality.

The same holds true in Iraq – abandoning its government gave ISIS an opening.

As parents, we know the consequences of failing to show authority when kids erupt.

You’d think, as ‘leaders’, that same principle would be understood.

Hey Liberals…if you knew in 2011 that pulling out of ‘stable Iraq’ would breed ISIS…

Liberal media flails GOP hopefuls, asking them to hindsight the ’03 Iraq invasion.

Implying, of course, that the current situation with a raging ISIS is W’s fault.

But when Obama justified pulling troops in Dec 2011, he declared Iraq stable

“a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq.”

He praised Ft. Bragg’s Airborne Falcon Brigade, for stabilizing Anbar province…

…the same province, just days ago, taken over by ISIS.

So, media, when you get on your high-horse of foreign policy hindsight…

…TRY to remember it was Obama himself who declared victory in Iraq

…before he surrendered Iraq… to ISIS.

If you knew then what you know now, would you be praising him to the sky?

How ’bout it, Army Airborne? It was your blood shed in Anbar…

Does Obama deserve an ‘hooah’?

Finally…a poll we can agree with…

The Washington Times: “82% of voters say ordinary citizens should run for office, not lawyers and professional politicians”

Some refreshing self-examination by voters on the edge, hopefully.

The problem with Washington D.C. – those who should be ‘advisors to the elected’ short-circuited the system…by getting elected themselves.

Americans seem tired of paying the price for electing ‘the smartest man in the room.’

If DoD strategy is working, we have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn

What’s wrong with this picture…?

  • HEADLINE today: NYPD Chief Wants 450 Cops to Combat ISIS”
  • HEADLINE today: Iraq’s Anbar in ‘total collapse’, on brink of falling to Islamic                                 State”…but…
  • HEADLINE today: (DoD) Strategy to Defeat ISIL Is Working”

(‘ISIS’, the ‘Islamic State’, and ‘ISIL’ are the same.)

Obama’s Defense Department has a strange way of defining working strategies against terror, when major Iraq provinces fall…and New York City is threatened.

When all else fails…get LOUDER?

The definition of a split second…that amount of time between when the Amtrak crashed outside Philly, and Liberals screamed ‘lack of infrastructure’ funding.

But infrastructure for Amtrak was funded…just not at Democrat-demanded levels.

Then the Liberals wailed that Positive Train Control wasn’t installed…

…but it was installed, just not turned on due to FCC-controlled bandwidth issues.

(Oops! 3 of the 5 commissioners are Democrats, appointed by the President…)

Quick…change the subject…

‘It should have been installed sooner’, moans Liberal Senator Schumer…

…but …much of the technology PTC requires simply did not exist when the PTC mandate was passed…” according to the Association of American railroads.

No doubt some Liberal will soon be screaming that entrepreneurs didn’t move fast enough to create a technology that doesn’t yet exist from scratch…

…which, by implication, suggests EVERY entrepreneur must be Republican

…because – one way or another – it always has to be a Republican’s fault.

In which case…remind us again, please…WHY do we need Liberals?

(And, putting all that aside, why the deadly speed buildup on a curve? Based on how Democrats are behaving, you’d think that Amtrak engineer was a relative.)

Summing up then…

…it was ‘lack of funding’ that was funded…due to ‘lack of upgrades’ that were upgraded…’cuz it ‘should have been sooner’…when technology never existed?

Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s Liberal Media headline.

Pass the Aspirin please.