REALLY? Did John Boehner just say the Clintons are ‘good public servants’?

Taking foreign payola; fraudulent filings; violating the Constitution…and yet House Speaker Boehner says Bill and Hillary Clinton are ‘good public servants’?

Reports say Bill & Hillary cashed in big time through their Foundation, and appear to have taken foreign $$ in a ‘pay-to-play’ scheme that makes Harry Reid look honest.

Records show 15% (only $75mn of $500mn donated) went to charity targets…

…and foreign $$ donated during Hillary’s Sec-State days weren’t publicly disclosed.

Reuters reports the Foundation claimed no foreign donors, but actually took in millions! (In a stunning admission, they won’t rule out auditing 15 years of filings.)

The Foundation is ‘prioritizing an external review’. (Transparency? Yeah, right.)

Only 15 cents of every dollar actually went to charity…

…foreign governments were swamping the Clintons with tens of millions…

…the Foundation filed ‘$0.00’ under foreign dollars received…

…our Constitution expressly forbids officeholders from accepting foreign payola…

…but, pressed to comment on the Clintons’ ethics and morality in light of the recent revelations, House Speaker Boehner says They’re good public servants…”?

If misdeeds reporting is correct, Boehner should explain that definition.

Your ‘Crisismonger-in-Chief’…at it again…but what was Congress told?

‘Never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste’ Barack Hussein Obama pushes yet another crisis (go figure) to bulldoze Congress into passing some really bad Iran legislation…

…that gives him more power (go figure), by stripping it from Congress.

He’s known all along Iran’s nuclear weapon breakout estimate was 2-3 months.

So, as consensus builds that the Senate Corker-Menendez bill is yet another veiled power grab for this White House, Obama screams ‘Wolf!’…hoping to get it passed.

(And…hoping Americans don’t notice or care he’s lied again about Iran’s status.)

Sadly, the fact Obama lied isn’t news. (If his lips are moving, the world knows he’s lying.) But leaders in Congress must be kept abreast of global assessments.

Congress has a Constitutional mandate to be involved in world affairs, and the President has a Constitutional obligation to keep the Congress properly informed.

As Eli Lake notes in his article about Obama’s secretive Iran knowledge, in 2013 Congress was considering more/new sanctions…they needed that info then.

So, the BIG question – what did Congress know, and when did Congress know it?

And, if Obama didn’t share that crucial intelligence with the new GOP leadership…

…would that be considered ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’?

After all, if a 2-3 month breakout isn’t critical to sanctioning Iran, what is?

Just askin’…

GOP cowardice begets more lawlessness

When Congress signals they won’t force Constitutional loyalty, stuff happens.

Failing an oath to uphold that which is being trampled daily begets more trampling.

From domestic lawlessness to treaties with terrorists, Obama has set new lows. A Republican cowardice that refuses to rein in such illegal acts encourages more.

Everything this Nation has stood for is foundational to one document.

Honoring our U.S. Constitution is paramount…everything else is a distraction.

Either impeach the Executive Branch leadership that shreds it…

…or suffer the consequences of its demise.

If you doubt you’re affected, consider how supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker were terrorized…by a legal system supposedly in place to protect them.

Every day that the Republican Congress fails to rein in lawlessness on a national scale, allows similar acts perpetrated by Democrat operatives on a local scale.

The Senate’s bill on any Obama-Iran deals is a dereliction-of-duty smokescreen

The Corker-Menendez bill allows Congress to shirk their Constitutional duty.

As Andrew McCarthy points out, “…no international agreement can be binding unless it achieves (a prescribed) Congressional endorsement…”

The burden of achieving any agreement with Iran falls on the President, who must gain congressional approval through super-majority Senate approval, or legislation.

Corker’s bill is a thinly-veiled back-door escape hatch, posing as ‘tough love’.

While it has the appearance of forcing a Congress review of any White House deal, what it does is actually endorse the deal if Congress fails to act on it promptly.

Thus, as McCarthy points out, the bill shifts the constitutional burden from Obama to achieve congressional approval…AND hides the Senate’s dereliction of duty.

There are way too many lawyers on Capitol Hill…and not enough statesmen.

Will Chris Christie switch parties, for 2016 Prez run?

Gov Christie says if he runs he’ll target Social Security reform as a prime issue.

Part of his plan eliminates SS benefits for the wealthy, even though they paid in.

Sounds like a Democrat ‘class warfare’ plan…the type Obama would propose.

Such an idea won’t endear him to a Republican base that embraces individualism. He doesn’t stand much of a chance while proposing ‘wealth tax’ ideas like that.

How unlikely a stretch is it to see Christie going last-minute Independent, or as a conservative Democrat? Let’s face it…the 2016 Democrat field is paper thin.

And as a Republican, Christie’s seen as ‘hugging the 3rd rail’ of Social Sec reform, but, as a Democrat he would be embracing their tried-&-true class-warfare strategy.

Just askin’…

(UPDATED) ISIS in Mexico…radioactive materials theft trending in Mexico…but no big deal?

On the heels of a report that ISIS is camped in Mexico just miles from the U.S. border, now a story on the trending thefts of Mexican radioactive materials.

Dept of Homeland Security is downplaying the report of ISIS on the border – but if a camp does exist, would any Obama administration official admit it?

Considering the devastation of 9/11, and that no ‘credible’ intelligence prior to that attack was acquired to prevent it, how much trust can we have in DHS now?

ESPECIALLY if thefts of radioactive materials in Mexico are trending?

(UPDATE) The same source that reports ISIS camped along the U.S. border now reports the FBI met at the U.S. consulate in Juarez to discuss strategy with Mexican officials on how best to handle denying the original reporting of an IS presence.

If there’s no ISIS, why does it take the FBI to formulate a denial strategy?

And why were Mexico-assigned FBI liaison officers excluded from the meeting?

Stepped-up military drills in America’s cities would indicate something brewing, and an informed public is a prepared public, but does this administration care?

A Democrat platform…worth LYING for?

Get ready for 2016…it’s shaping up to be the Lie Of The Century for Democrats.

Their platform is already filling up, represented by the Liar-who-would-be-Prez…

…Ms. ‘Sniper Fire‘-‘Benghazi Video‘-‘What Emails?‘… Hillary Clinton.

Who better to represent the Party of No Substance? After all, from health care to national security, the entire Democrat platform is BUILT ON LIES…

You have lies about ‘women-wage-gap-inequality‘…’no-amnesty-going-on‘…’global-temps-are-rising‘…’cops-killing-innocent-blacks‘…’keep-abortions-rare‘…’Democrats-will-protect-against-fatcat-WallStreeters‘…’college-rape-is-rampant‘…didn’t-know-about-Fast-&-Furious/NSA-spying/Veterans-healthcare-abuses/IRSscandal‘…ISIS-is-jayvee-team‘…’keep-your-doctor‘…’Obamacare-mandate-not-a-tax‘…’Democrats-support-our-military‘…’drilling-more-is-not-energy-independence-solution‘…Obama-policies-good-for-poor-and-middle-class‘…

…and the latest whopper…

…’letting Iran go nuclear doesn’t mean Iran will go nuclear‘.

With liars of such magnitude in a club, who better to lead Democrats next…

…than the Sniper-Fire (that wasn’t)Dodging…Hillary Clinton?

‘Factoids’ are defined as brief (but true) items of fact – so then, denote the inevitable Democrat lies as ‘Snipertoids’…a Clintonesque tribute to the Duchess-of-Deception.

What better way to describe the avalanche of imminent lies that are yet to come from the Party-Of-No-Substance…than to brand them in honor of their leader?

When lies are needed to support their cause, Democrats can always re(lie) on…


California Environmentalism uses MORE water than CA agriculture

California congressman Nunes exposes a lie that 80% of California’s water is used by agriculture. In fact, he notes, environmentalists divert more than ag uses.

Democrats created the ‘80% lie’ by excluding environmental-diverted water use.

In reality, diversions use 50% of stored/captured water; farmers use 40%. Worse, millions of acre-feet of water are flushed into the ocean due to a lack of storage capacity…’cuz ‘environmentalists oppose new water-storage projects.’

Call your California legislature and governor – ask them why they need to lie.

Of course, most of you already know the answer…