Roll over veterans…Democrat Senators want to give VA officials $360million in bonuses

That’s right…VA managers responsible for unreliable VA data can still get bonuses.

Just a month ago, the House voted unanimously to strip out bonuses for VA officials, many of whom had trampled over veterans’ bodies to cash in on them.

Now, in a move that shows where the Democrat Senate’s heart is, bonuses are back.

$360 million worth of reasons to continue corrupting the system, courtesy of Congress.

The Senate Democrat language in the proposed bill also puts in ‘access to an appeals process’ for fired officials who abused the system…and, oh yes…veterans as well.

Unfortunately, there is no appeal process for dead and dying scandal-abused veterans.

This latest VA ‘reform’ bill is a joke.

The problem was never too little funding…the problem’s always been too much greed.

Upper- and mid-level managers corrupted the system to get undeserved bonuses, but even then it took lower level workers to assist in the scam…while veterans were dying.

The entire system is contaminated with corrupt upper level management trying to get their finger into the government bonus pie, and lower-level workers willing to help them.

Undeserved bonuses desired…veterans abused as data is corrupted to get undeserved bonuses…bonuses ADDED BACK IN to reform VA practices? REALLY?

Call your Senators or Congressman, and tell them to forget reform. Vets deserve better.

Ask them, how many more veterans have to die unnecessarily?

Privatize veterans health care treatment…NOW.

The real reason Obama threatens amnesty executive action…?

BlueCollar believes Obama threatens amnesty, to create a diversion and dredge for any helpful inflammatory GOP rhetoric that can be used prior to November elections.

Recent polling suggests he most likely has no intention of keeping an amnesty promise, especially when we learn respondents were heavily weighted Democrat & Independent.

Democrats comprised 36%, Independents 40%, and Republicans only 24%…yet the numbers following would cause one to believe the poll was weighted Republican.

67% polled think illegal unaccompanied kids should be sent back to their country.

(Page 45 of the Economist/YouGov poll)

A majority of those polled think the illegal kids should be deported asap.

(Page 42 of the Economist/YouGov poll)

‘Immigration’ ranks 3rd in importance, behind only the economy and Social Security.

(Page 57 of the Economist/YouGov poll)

Unless Obama doesn’t care about losing the Senate this November, he would be crazy to use executive action to enact amnesty, in the face of these numbers.

There is one caveat: if Obama is making this play with an eye solely on the Hispanic vote, it should be noted that Hispanic respondents (more than any other demographic) see violence and instability in the illegal children’s home country as a significant factor.

(Pages 42, 43, 44 of the Economist/YouGov poll)

In that case, expect to see media reporting more often on violent occurrences in Central America, being carefully fed that information by White House communications staff.

But even then, if the Dem-Ind-Rep polling makeup is correct, numbers still may not add up…because the Hispanic bloc swayed may not offset the apparent overall sentiment.

Unless, of course, we’re not being given the right numbers.

Party of the Fatcats…Obama & Democrats are deep in the pockets of Big Insurance Companies

A definitive article shows the collusion Obama has with Big Insurers.

For years, Democrats and their media lackeys have painted the GOP as in the pockets of Big Business, when most often the opposite was true. THEY were…and still are.

To push O’care, Obama and his Democrat henchmen have done everything but send loaded Brinks trucks to deliver your tax-dollar cash…to Big Insurance companies.

Obama’s changed the law illegally, to accommodate and increase kickbacks to insurers.

If that’s not ‘in the pocket of Big Business’, nothing is…once again demonstrating…

…Democrats are the Party of the Fatcats.

(Thanks & hat-tip to The Weekly Standard’s intrepid Jeffrey Anderson)

Once a ‘Nation-of-Laws’, now a ‘Nation-of-Liars’

Liberals still whining about the DC Circuit ruling against subsidies for federal-exchange states sent Jonathan Gruber to try and lie his way out of statements made in 2012.

This is an MIT economist…willing to lie to stay in Obama’s good graces.

He helped author the law, bragged extensively about the section that only allowed tax subsidies for exchanges setup by states, and now claims he must have ‘misspoke’.


Never have so many been willing to cheapen their honor so brazenly.