EPA Pruitt’s resignation in the face of personal attacks is what they want

American Thinker: Scott Pruitt’s scalp a trophy for the Deep State

There’s no better reason for fighting back against the Left’s daily, raging onslaught.

They will never stop by appeals for ‘civility’ because civil behavior cannot accomplish what they desire, when their ‘open borders/Big Gov’t/pro-abortion/high tax’ policies are so antithetical to what America needs for individual prosperity & freedom to flourish.

‘Civil’ only works when ideas are logical, reasonable…and popular.

And as posted previously “Tolerance For The Intolerant Is Suicidal”

All they have is rage…we can’t be silent to their incivility.

Those who ‘refuse to talk politics’ in the face of such incivility are accepting vile tactics, and as such, are the ‘good men’ who ‘allow Evil to triumph…by doing nothing’.

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