Playing the ‘Race/Misogyny/Nazi/Bigot’ card is the first refuge of an empty ideologue

Another day, another screed of ‘rascism’.

Try as He Might, Trump Can’t Make America White Again

A far-Left black commentator resorts to go-to rage that’s all they have when attacking the GOP, because the current situation for blacks doesn’t bode well for Democrats.

  • Black unemployment is at an all-time low;
  • Household incomes are growing;
  • Halting illegal immigration saves American jobs, and keeps wages higher.

The only strategy left to them is ‘generic’ rage…‘cuz details don’t favor their rhetoric.

(And, Democrat politicians that call job-&-economic growth ‘reckless‘ prove the point.)

Sorry Eugene, but Making America Great Again doesn’t just favor whites. And, to imply as such, in order to bash Republicans…ABSENT EVIDENCE…signals empty ideology.

But, hey…for you, it’s paid off for a while now, right?

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