Shouldn’t an FBI…damaged by so many revelations…be eager to PROVE it’s credibility?

As the Mueller witch-hunt…errr…Russia ‘collusion’ probe continues, it looks like a GOP-controlled Congress may be close to impeaching FBI officials stonewalling review.

The question revolves around FBI-held documents they refuse to turn over to the House committee providing oversight…which either proves the FBI ‘origin’ of the Trump probe was conducted by the book, and in the time-frame they’ve alleged…or shows otherwise.

One would think, given all the damage to FBI credibility, the agency would rush to prove their case…if the documents it’s leadership is refusing to turn over could in fact do so.

Classified information isn’t a concern: the House Intel Committee members have all the clearances needed to review sensitive information…and they have oversight authority.

All that being said, there’s only one logical reason why the FBI refuses to cooperate.

They’re desperately trying to cover-up WHEN their activities were first orchestrated, and the reasons WHY they justified surveilling an opposition political party campaign.

If the Republicans lose control of the House in November, on Jan 01, 2019, Democrats take over leadership of all the committees, and everything will be swept under the rug.

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