“Tolerance for the intolerant is suicidal”

GREAT post today on the pages of American Greatness, which outlines in detail how the only way to deal with the Left’s increasingly radical acts is to strike back…hard.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do nothing” While the quote is attributed to Sir Edmund Burke, it’s concept dates back to Plato & Socrates.

But regardless of origination, one thing holds true – turning the cheek is not an option in the current political climate, where the Left’s increasingly violent behavior is concerned.

Turning the cheek in this political climate is a ‘do nothing’ choice that let’s them run wild.

Judging by the #WalkAway movement, honest Democrats won’t accept the Left’s rage. While the inclination is to ignore violence and take the high road, sooner or later reason should make even the most tolerant conservative among us declare…ENOUGH.

As Michael Walsh writes “Tolerance for the intolerant is suicidal.”

Stand against their acts…or kneel before them. Your Choice.

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