Guns, girls, n gauchos…but, why now…?

Why now? Why push gun control, women in combat, amnesty for illegals?

Record numbers of Americans are out of work. The economy’s in the toilet. Food stamp enrollment has mushroomed. The national debt has grown $5 trillion+ in 4 years

…but Democrats and media flunkies shed croc tears over a green card for Gilberto?

Why are they screaming for Kathy to be put on the front lines in Kandahar…all the while wailing that Charlene shouldn’t have a gun to protect her and the kids in Chicago?

Why? Because the Democrats and their media water-carriers have a new motto…

“Never let an opportunity to create a crisis go to waste…”

So, don’t let those crocodile tears fool you…they’re only meant to hide what’s really going on…

…and who’s really causing each crisis…

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