94 U.S. Senators flip off America’s veterans…

94 Senators just voted to confirm John Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

John Kerry submitted false testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations committee in 1971, charging Vietnam vets with heinous acts of war crimes during that conflict.

Massachusetts voters have demonstrated ethics aren’t essential – in the past they’ve re-elected a homosexual whose lover ran a prostitution ring out of his home, and a sex-abusing drunkard responsible for the death of a young lady who had the terrible misfortune of being in the vehicle he was driving one late July night in 1969.

So it’s no surprise they’d go for someone with Kerry’s credentials. You might almost say, compared to Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy, choosing a liar was underachieving.

But a Secretary of State represents the entire United States. One would hope that fact would suggest the choices for such position should be held to a higher ethical standard.

Obviously that’s not the case. And now 94 Senators, by their vote for John Kerry, have flipped off every Vietnam veteran in particular, and all military members in general.

With this latest addition to Obama’s administration, the Liar’s Club at 1600 is growing.

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