(updated) Guns, girls, n gauchos…but, why now? (It’s called E.X.P.L.O.I.T.A.T.I.O.N.)

Charlie C. rightly points out that America’s immigration system wasn’t broken until our “politicians screwed things up”, but please note it’s only part of this story…

As with gun control, girls at the front line in combat, gay marriage, etc, the real danger lies in the 1 crucial factor that dominates EVERY Democrat platform issue…

…when the PROBLEM is more exploitable than the solution.

We know the problems this country faces, we know most of the solutions are nothing more than common sense…and if we know it…the politicians know it as well.

Why, then, you may ask, do these problems never get solved?

Because it serves a better purpose for Democrats to keep them alive as problems…

If Liberal minorities, women, gays, youth, and illegal immigrants ever learn their issues are purposely exploited by Democrats rather than solved, the blowback will be huge.

(Unfortunately, that reality is carefully hidden by a duplicitous media.)

So, start your own grassroot campaign – the next time your Liberal friend brings up an issue, ask if they really believe college-educated politicians can’t solve that problem.

Then ask them which party benefits when a problem is solved…

…and which party benefits when it’s exploited.

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