C’mon, Mickelson, get back in the game…LeBron shows you how!

Lost in PGA’s Phil Mickelson kerfuffle is the story that another ‘tax dodger’, LeBron James, visited his favorite ‘low-ball’player-in-chief at the White House Monday with other NBA champion Miami Heat players.

(Pat Riley, president of the Heat, didn’t attend…giving ‘flu’ as the reason.)

Much was made of James’s decision to go to Miami after several years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and many top analysts were more than convinced Florida’s no-income-tax status played a major role in that decision. Yet, no big-media vilification!

Evidently LeBron James has been a big Obama campaign donor. What price, image?

Phil Mickelson take note…if you want the media off your back, we understand Obama is still looking for some big money for future ‘projects’.

Looks like now’s the time to make that high-profile donation investment.

The media will love you for it…

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