Don’t miss the point on the Rush-Fox attack…

Not addressing a faulty premise can be costly, even more so when the one making the faulty premise happens to be the polarizer-in-chief of these United States.

Obama’s interview with the New Republic is making news ahead of its February publish date. He blames Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for scaring Republican lawmakers into following conservative ideology, rather than ‘compromising’ with the ‘moderate’ Left.

But his view of the ‘moderates’ happen to be himself, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, the most extreme liberals in the Democrat leadership roles today.

Basing an argument on a lie makes the argument itself a lie.

The GOP and Fox News would do well to understand they can’t allow this faulty premise, and the inevitable future false premises, to go unchallenged.

And remember what any amateur or professional boxer knows…1) fighting starts when the bell sounds, and 2) jabs, feints, and footwork are part of the fight as well.


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