Wizard of Straw attacks Rush, Fox News

If gun laws were successful, Chicago and Detroit would be Gardens of Eden…

But gun laws aren’t successful, and those gun-violent cities are the daily proof.

Yet gun-control efforts go on, oblivious to such concrete realities. Obama’s at it again, trying to build on a theme that suggests gun-ownership rights are all about hunting.

Gun ownership is about security, protection, and the ability to stand as a free man. “An armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject.” (source unknown)

Attacking followers of Fox News and conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is merely Obama’s effort to work up his base. He laments the ability of Republicans to compromise on gun rights, but Obama’s idea of compromise would destroy that right.

The Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is foundational to gun ownership; any  law that infringes on that right is an abdication, not a ‘compromise’.

Of course, this won’t stop Obama from building straw issues (hunting), and straw men (hunters), in the hopes that reducing an essential right of gun ownership to a single factor such as hunting will make it that much easier to frame his debate.

The media will help him do it…but will the public…?


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