California – the posterchild for Insanity, Defined…but is there a L-O-A-D limit in the making?

Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Regardless of who it was that coined the phrase, California is its poster-child. Doing the same thing over & over (voting ‘d’) and expecting different results (good governance).

From lousy energy policies that lead to electric brown-outs, to high-tax black-holes that lead to failed schools and terrible roads, decades of bad judgment go unpunished.

But behind every failed politician, you can bet there’s a swollen bank account…because those lousy energy policies and high-tax failures greased somebody’s palm – or wallet.

These politicians aren’t dumb…they know very well what the effect of such policies will be, but why care? They’ll get rich in the process, even if their citizens must suffer.

They’ll package the bad policy in flowery phrase, make promises that will never be kept, and then, when inevitable failures occur, they just blame it on not spending enough

…and use that claim to justify increased taxes/fees, enriching themselves even more.

But, a question occurs…at what point does the L-O-A-D Factor kick in?

We coined the term decades ago, working within top management in the manufacturing sector, and it stands for a phenomenon seen as a Limit Of Acceptable Dissatisfaction.

Human Nature is a wondrous thing: time and again, we’ve seen breakthroughs (both good and bad) occur as those living dissatisfied lives finally react for a dynamic change.

They had exceeded their LOAD Factor.

Are we about to see such a change dynamic in California?

Who needs Venezuela as an example?

Look no further than California for an example of Socialism Failure, defined.

Severe (and unconstitutional) restrictions of Liberty…senseless Lockdowns…defunding law enforcement…encouraging riots and chaos…fueling hysteria, panic, fear…shutting down businesses…creating joblessness…increasing poverty levels & homelessness…

…will decades of bad Democrat leadership finally result in exceeding the LOAD Factor?

Or, will Californians continue to define Insanity?

That answer is 7 days away…

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