Biden corruption data wasn’t hacked or stolen…that electronic data was legally obtained, & Tech Giants KNOW IT

Twitter, Google, and Facebook can gaslight all they want, but the fact is every bit of that laptop data exposing Biden’s corruption was legally obtained from the rightful owner…

…the laptop repair guy, who tried to turn it in to authorities. That’s right; he owned it.

Every repair shop has written, declared standards on how long an unclaimed item may remain in the shop before it becomes the property of the shop to offset repair costs.

Hunter Biden signed the agreement, then never claimed the laptop or paid for repairs.

Twitter knows this. Facebook knows this. Google knows this.

To weasel their way out of allowing exposure of that laptop information, they’re trying to snow the American public into believing something they themselves know to be FALSE.



To go before Congress and suggest otherwise is the height of deceit.

Continuing to block this information from the public is against all precepts of what an internet social ‘platform’ stands for, and is meant to veil a candidate’s corruption.

They may justify their deceit any way they choose, but we call it as we see it…


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