Any decent, honest Democrat voter has just TWO options in Nov elections…

Given the radical tilt of far-Left elitists in their Party, honest Democrats are faced with rather stark choices…embrace the ‘defund police’ loot-&-riot extortion-by-force elements who threaten endless lawlessness in American streets unless they get their way…

…or face a 2-choice reality: 1) vote FOR law-&-order sanity, or 2) sit this election out.

Face it: the full-spectrum Democrat agenda supports allowing newborns to die, sending jobs and our tax dollars overseas, raising our taxes, accusing Americans of systemic racism…and encouraging wanton riots, looting – even murder – against the populace.

Don’t even get us started about their S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-T agenda.

(Individual Democrat candidates may deny the policies, but once in office, are required to vote their Party’s line…even while deviously mouthing empty morality to the gullible.)

Still, for many Democrats, voting Republican may be a bridge too far…yet endorsing the lawless radical positions can’t be an acceptable alternative for decent Americans.

Voter revolt (by voting ‘R’), or voter refusal (not voting at all) sends a message…a message that they WILL NOT accept the current path Democrat leadership has taken.

Choose wisely, Democrat voters…your Party’s out of control, and you have few options available to wrestle it away from the radicals within, pushing anti-American agenda.

There is, of course, a 3rd option for the dishonest, ‘anything-goes’ Democrat crowd…

…vote your Party…

…after all, Portland and Chicago seem ok with their leaders.

That’s what it’s down to, for Democrats…decency, honesty – or anything goes.

Remember, it’s not your fault they’re out of control, unless you keep voting for them.

2 thoughts on “Any decent, honest Democrat voter has just TWO options in Nov elections…

  1. There are three options at least and the one that a solid third of Democrats are taking is to vote for Trump.
    This is no time in the history of the US to play politics.
    Be a true Democrat and vote Trump.
    If you are still undecided about voting for Trump you aint a real Democrat.

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