By CDC standards, Obama-era 2010 H1N1 total death count was 480,339 Americans…remember the HYSTERIA?

Remember the outrage? Yeah, neither do we. 480,339 American H1N1 dead.

You read that correctly. By today’s CDC standards, counting all deaths where WuFlu virus is present, they’ve come up with a total of about 219,800k American deaths.

(Note: Worldometer changes totals on a regular basis, above is as of Oct 12)

But, that’s counting ANY death where WuFlu was detected, or even presumed…

…including automobile deaths, suicides, and homicides.

Rewind to 2010. CDC reported 2,441,200 deaths in 2010. They also reported that an estimated 60.8 million Americans were infected with the H1N1 virus in that time frame.

Applying logic, if 60.8 million Americans out of a 2010 population count of 309 million were infected, standard computations applied to 2010 deaths show 480.3k had H1N1.

(I.E., if 19.7% of Americans were infected, that same rate can be applied to deaths.)

Let that sink in – in all probability, about 480,000 Americans died WITH H1N1.

Remember the media drumbeat of hysteria? Remember the draconian government lockdowns? Remember the daily vilification of Obama and Biden’s incompetence?

Neither do we.

But numbers don’t lie, people. Applying the current CDC standards to that 2010-era incidence of H1N1 virus, it’s logical to state that American deaths were 480,339 then.

And, lest we forget…despite those American deaths…Obama was re-elected.

The only difference between then, and now, is…we have a Republican President now.

And the LIBedia that protected Obama and Democrats then, are doing everything they can to destroy President Trump and Republicans now. PERIOD. F-U-L-L S-T-O-P.

If we have to accept CDC standards now, then it’s fair to apply them to past eras also.

NUMBERS DON’T LIE…but the LIBedia and Democrats DO.

Extrapolated (accepting dumb CDC standards) 2020 deaths will be about 277.6k, if we accept the idiocy of counting homicides, traffic fatalities, and suicides in the mix.

Applying a Democrat standard, President Trump’s policies are heroic by comparison.

(Unless, of course, you’re one of the Trump-Derangement crowd.)

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