‘Tolerate political differences’? How? You can’t separate a politician from their Party…PERIOD

Those who vote for ‘the man, not the Party’ are only fooling themselves.

The entire Party writes and enacts legislation, not any one politician. Regardless how high-minded that politician may be, when it comes to issues, they TOE THE LINE.

That’s why it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain respectful relationships with the many Democrats who ‘don’t support radical abortion’ policy…but still vote Democrat…

…just because their candidate mouths sanctimonious platitudes.

Who cares what they say, if they’re going to fulfill radical agendas when in the majority?

A candidate is more than just a person, when by getting elected their greater numbers give them control of state legislatures and Congress…that’s how laws get passed.

And so, now Democrat-controlled legislatures like in NY – because they have numbers to leverage that control – pass laws which make it LEGAL to allow newborns to die.

Virginia tried it as well (it hasn’t succeeded…YET.)

But, don’t kid yourselves, people.

A vote for any politician from a Party with that scary mind-set…regardless how moral their own pre-election position may sound…empowers the Party to act, if in power.

Moral? Not.Even.Close.

A political Party which accepts allowing newborn babies to die through lack of care can no longer lay claim to a moral high ground…or for that matter, ANY morality at all…

…and any voter who believes otherwise is lying to themselves.

It used to be simply Big-v-Small government issues separating the Parties; there was cause for tolerance of one mindset for the other…but now it’s Life-&-Death issues.

And don’t get us started on respect for police, private property, and civil obedience.

Flashing stick-figure couples tolerating each other’s political beliefs may be cute and folksy, but it ignores a basic underlying fact…one of them is okay killing newborns.

Debate if you must the rights of a fetus, but a newborn is a Human Being, with all the rights to Life that status entails Constitutionally…unless you have a Democrat mindset.

Now, let’s go down the ‘America is racist’ road, so it’s okay to riot, loot, burn businesses and physically assault innocent civilians and law enforcement. Are you a racist?

What part of that mindset isn’t Evil? And, how does a political Party legitimize such behavior, and actually encourage it to continue…until they get their power back?

(Courts settle differences…riots settle scores, unjustified though they may be. There’s only one reason why they’re rioting in American cities…their cause is unjustifiable.)

And, there, my friends, lies another answer to why tolerance is a bridge too far.

Politicians get elected – but political Parties push agenda…and one agenda is Evil.

If wishing violence, mayhem, and even death on others isn’t Evil, what is?

And THAT’S a fact.

‘Tolerance of political differences’?

How is that achievable, under these circumstances?

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  1. Great site and aargument, you hit the ball out of the park on this one. I’m bookmarking your post and will use this article back to you. Thanks, J.C.

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