Guaranteed effective ways to win the next debates…

On every debate issue, there will be two inevitable facts: Joe Biden will lie because it’s in his DNA. and his 4+ decades in office as Senator & Vice President yielded no results.

First, the dishonesty: He lied or misconstrued over 33 times in the first debate.

For the next debates, if Joe Biden responds first, and tries to add in his lies or other means of misconstruing facts or events, Pres Trump should start off with a statement…

‘…Joe, if you & Democrats must LIE to make a point, you have NO point…’ then go on to make his case with clear, irrefutable facts that demonstrate his qualifications to lead.

If the President goes first with a response to a debate issue, he should make his case with clear, irrefutable facts that demonstrate his qualifications to lead, then finish with

‘…and, Joe if you & Democrats must LIE to make your point, you have NO point.’

(And if Joe persists with lies, take a line from Pres Reagan – ‘there you go again.’)

Responding in this fashion establishes Biden lied, or is about to lie, as he’s done before.

Friendly, and effective.

Second, on Biden’s 47 years of failure: whether it involves domestic or foreign affairs he’s been on the wrong side every time…History is a cruel-but-objective judge of facts.

President Trump has ‘Slow’ Joe cornered in 3 words: Kept (vs) Empty Promises.

Whether it’s the economy, law-&-order, minority assistance, outright racism or foreign policy, Joe Biden has a 47-year track record of empty promises and abject failures.

The most effective sentence Pres Trump has used against Joe Biden in this election cycle is ‘I’ve accomplished more in 47 months than you, Joe, have in 47 years.’

‘This is what my administration’s done to make things better, sir. Even when you woke up long enough to do something, Joe, it’s ALWAYS made things worse.’ 

Segregationist alliances? Unfair crime bills? Disastrously wrong foreign policy? ‘New Normal’ stagnant economy? Open borders immigration? Aborting new-borns?

Yeah, Joe Biden and Democrats own all that.

Factual, and effective. Responding first, Pres Trump should end his every statement on that note; responding last, the President should start his every statement on that note.

Factually devastating, and effective. Just a couple of suggestions, mind you, because if this President knows anything, he knows who the audience is he wants to reach.

Being the master strategist in dealing with opponents while effectively making the right impact with supporters or fence-riders, we’re sure he’ll apply the most effective tactics

Have at it, Mr. President.

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