Scientific facts aren’t always helpful but, by God, they’re scientific

It’s scientific fact if you’re dead, you probably won’t contract a virus. It’s scientific fact if you live in a bubble and don’t breathe, you probably won’t get the virus. It’s a scientific fact gargling with cyanide hourly, you probably won’t get the virus…get the picture yet?

Scientists live in their world; their expertise is not necessarily aligned with societal norms…so, while we appreciate their scientific input, we need to modify to our norm.

That’s why, despite the fact that various flu-types have been with us for decades without a vaccine that totally immunizes the Human race, we choose continuing normal lives.

This particular Wuhan Flu is no different. We recognize its existence. We’re willing to accept that those most at-risk should take steps to mitigate their vulnerability.

How hard is that to understand?

Not very hard, really…unless some try to push a – shall we say – LARGER agenda.

We’ve never stated the Wuhan Flu was a hoax…but the fear-mongering panic levels being pushed on us by an agenda-driven political Party bent on control IS the hoax.

As a true contagion rate becomes clear, we’re finding it’s pretty close to regular flu.

We suspected as much from the start.

Then, when it became clear media was relying on wildly inaccurate computer modeling and overinflated death counts to push the panic onto an American public – a public that hoped, at least this time, they were being told truth – we knew it for the hoax it was.

And, for the HOAX it continues to be.

New reported cases are down; hospitalizations are down; deaths are down…

…but the hoax lives on…

…now based on scientists who say we must be immune before we can be normal or go outside again – you know, the same scientists who gave us the computer models.

Sorry, but…N-O.

Scientists are right – immunity is the key to fending off disease…

…but as with every other flu we’ve been subjected to on an annual basis – with NO immunizing vaccine to speak of – it’s just one thing more we’ll have to live with.

Now, let’s ask media why they overhyped what’s proving to be just another flu.

Or is that the science they prefer we stay away from?

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