Run, Andy, hide! (Not sure even CNN can protect you from this)

(Sometimes, we don’t have to say anything, because someone else did it better.)

Uncertain about the ‘holding their feet to the fire’ concept? Buckle up.

Andrew Cuomo blamed ‘Trump’s CDC guidelines’ for his actions, but, oops…

Here’s the Elise Stefanik takedown of NY’s governor, when he tried to blame President Trump for deaths in NY nursing homes after Cuomo ordered they take WuFlu patients.

She tweeted “Governor Cuomo continues to point fingers at the federal government. But here are the FACTS regarding CDC guidance: The Governor’s decisions to MANDATE that nursing homes accept COVID-19 patients completely disregards the case-by-case approach recommended by CDC.” And, wait…there’s more…

“CDC guidance was clear that decisions about discharging COVID-19 patients should be based on the ability of the accepting facility to meet the recommended infection control practices. This includes the ability to place residents in a designated COVID-19 care unit that is equipped…”  (1 of 3 parts, emphasis added)

“…with the resources and PPE to safely prevent the spread of infections. Additionally, CDC guidance states that if nursing homes are unable to follow CDC guidance for COVID-19 patients under Transmission-Based Precautions, they must wait until these patients are no longer…” (2 of 3 parts, emphasis added)

“…a transmission risk before accepting them. Governor Cuomo’s MANDATE requires acceptance regardless of a nursing homes capacity to safely accept COVID-19 positive cases.” (3 of 3 parts) (bold and underline emphasis added)

B-O-O-M! Down goes Cuomo.

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