Lying has become their default sport, taken to Olympian heights


“Schumer: Obamagate Is a ‘Discredited Conspiracy’ Theory”

??? Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie…

Obamagate is the nickname for the collusion effort meant to bring down a President. In a GLARING case of gaslighting, Chuck Schumer thinks raw fact won’t stand in his way.

But, here you go…

  • FACT: Republican candidate Donald Trump and campaign aides were surveilled;
  • FACT: Surveillance was conducted by agencies under Obama’s purview;
  • FACT: Spying warrants were issued based on Democrat-funded oppo research;
  • FACT: Warrants were justified based on totally unsubstantiated predicates;
    • Exculpatory and contradicting information was hidden from FISA court
    • CrowdStrike NEVER verified DNC servers were hacked
    • Steele dossier…TO THIS DAY…is totally unsubstantiated
      • Collusion narrative was based on hacked servers & dossier claims
  • FACT: Top CIA/FBI/DNI/DoJ/DoS officials answerable to Obama were involved;
  • FACT: Sworn just-declassified testimony…all stated ‘No Evidence‘ available;
  • FACT: Same interviewees stated the opposite to media
  • FACT: Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and others lied to Congress about much of this


How else can it be described?

Every agency involved answered to Obama; not one of those agencies were ever able to produce an iota of proof; agency officials went before FISA courts and lied; agency directors continued to lie about available proof publicly, while sworn testimony said otherwise…and that includes Democrats in Congress who were at those hearings.

That’s right…including Senator Chuck ‘Liar-Liar’ Schumer.

Every one of the FACTS noted above are substantiated with hard evidence.

What else can they do? Lying is their only option.

Don’t misunderstand…we don’t see Obama going down for this. Knowing him and his ability to appear ‘scandal-free’ (right CNN?) we’ve no doubt there’s plausible deniability.

He may get listed as an unindicted co-conspirator (he was, after all, in charge of the combined federal agencies pulling the dirty work), but there’ll be nothing provable.

And there’s no way The One will be indicted, with only circumstantial evidence.

OBAMAGATE…call it what it is.

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