File this under ‘Blue-State elderly dead cuz Orange-Man-Bad’

“Andrew Cuomo Blames ‘Trump’s CDC’ for Nursing Home Deaths”

The NY governor signed a law requiring nursing homes to take WuFlu-positive elderly, which of course, resulted in a massive amount of nursing-home deaths in that state.

Evidently, the President put a gun to Cuomo’s head and forced him to sign the law: this from a guy who loves violating federal law…but quakes in his shoes at CDC guidance.

Will even New York’ers accept that level of idiocy?

Regardless, you can expect Democrat governors from NJ, PA, CA and MD to follow suit, as it seems they also forced similar law – death sentences for many at-risk elderly.

Typical blame-shift, from the ‘Hate-Trump’ crowd…we wonder what took ’em so long?

(Funny, though, only Democrat-strangled states seems to have done this.)

And, let’s not even repeat how they defy feds when it comes to laws they hate, or the very inconvenient fact that a CDC ‘guidance’ doesn’t equate to an ‘ORDER’…or that, generally speaking, guidance indicates as the situation-on-the-ground dictates.

Maybe they just misinterpreted real-time situations? Naahh…OrangeManBad.

Suffice to say, when the optics look bad, there’s always Trump-hate to fall back on.

Who cares if it doesn’t make sense?

Right, Andrew?

But, you know Andy, you probably shouldn’t have suggested reporters ‘go ask Trump’…

…’cuz he’s liable to point out the same thing…in a much more PUBLIC way.

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