We’re about to see another example of 45 turning their hoax against them

Wuhan Flu? Yeah, it’s real. Yeah, people are being hospitalized. Yeah, some 9,700 people have died (how many were WuFlu-caused is still up to the experts to analyze).

So, what’s with the ‘Hoax’ descriptive, you might ask?

The hoax is how FakeNews tries to turn a new (novel) flu strain into an opportunity of using hysterical panic-reporting to stampede Americans into turning on Pres. Trump.

Proof? We go down this ‘new-flu’ road pretty regularly. Remember the swine-flu panic?

Yeah…NEITHER DO WE. There was no hysterical reporting in 2010 – the Obama-era.

Some estimate 89.3 million Americans were infected; 402.7 thousand hospitalized; and 18,300 died. No hysteria…no panic…hardly covered at all by the mainstream media.

Today, there are 9,689 deaths attributed to the Wuhan Flu. Estimates are this will not be worse than swine flu, yet, panic and hysteria is all the news fit to print, or televise.

WHY? What’s so different from the 2010 pandemic? Donald Trump is president now.

FakeNews efforts have failed to bring him down. This is just their latest attempt.

Wuhan Flu is not a hoax.

Hysteria-reporting of a flu-cycle is the hoax, and bet on this…it won’t stop. But President Trump has turned all hoax-news efforts against FakeNews and Democrats determined to bring him down during the last 3 years…he’ll do the same with their Wu-flu madness.

It’s a ‘good news, bad news’ situation. The good news…?

He’ll use their hysteria to show why border security is so important; why the need for energy and industry independence is critical; and why all lives matter, even unborn.

They opened the door with their hysteria-fed fear-mongering. He’ll use it against them.

Again. Get the popcorn ready, the show’s about to begin.

And, oh yeah…wash hands often.

‘Cuz, here’s the BAD NEWS…you can bet another novel flu-virus will be along in the next election cycle…if not naturally, our adversaries will damn well create one.

They see the civil unrest and horrific economic damage this WuFlu hysteria reporting caused to America, and can’t wait for version2.0 to be inflicted with similar results.

Thank your HoaxMedia…and Democrat power-seekers…for that.

4 thoughts on “We’re about to see another example of 45 turning their hoax against them

  1. Great article in AT that did a thorough analysis of March vivid numbers and found that around 80% of cases and deaths being reported are from states with Democrat govonors and 20% from states with a Republican govonor. Gee…ya think the d rate are cooking the books?

  2. If Biden turns out to be the Democrat’s candidate he will stay in his basement to blather to his base, President Trump will have so much ammunition to use , especially when his rally’s restart, and they will, there will actually be no contest but a land slide.
    The press has turned out to be the enemy of the people and are causing their own demise.

  3. Question is…will Biden be the Democrat candidate? Obama withholding an endorsement as of this date speaks volumes – stay tuned.

  4. The proof of that becomes increasingly clear every day. Good news is, Trump’s a master at turning these deceits around and letting it blow up in their faces. Can’t wait for the REAL games to begin…

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