Responding to liberals angered at WuFlu death total skepticism…

Our previous post suggested all deaths reported may not be caused by WuFlu.

Cue liberal outrage.

But, think about it…death totals in NY and NJ are over 10 times the average anywhere else. Is it any wonder cynics might opine that WuFlu death tolls are being exaggerated?

(Especially when you consider that federal assistance funds will be doled out to states soon and – guess what – those claiming to be hardest hit get a lot more of the money.)

Excuse us for being cynical, but in an era of HUGE tax-dollar abuse, it’s arguable.

And don’t even get us started on the Hate Orange Man syndrome permeating the Left.

Who believes any Left-wing ‘news’ group will report honest Wuhan Flu numbers, if those numbers happen to be equal to, or less than, the Obama-era swine flu results?



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