8 western states…WuFlu stats (as of Apr 05)

(8 western states: HI, CA, WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, UT = 21% U.S. population)

Combined WuFlu data for 8 western states, based on (Apr 05) Worldometer stats:

  • Ttl cases – 29556 (9.0% of ttl US cases reported)
  • Ttl deaths – 794 (8.5% of ttl US deaths reported)

California, with over 5X the population, has had 322 deaths compared to Washington, which has had 314 deaths. (Remaining 6 states accounted for the other 158 deaths.)

Take from this what you will, but data may indicate large-populous states of California and Washington, among these 8 states, may have actually spiked months ago.

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