If the gossip-monger fears for his life…it would be fear of HIS OWN Party

That’s right, Liberal hand-wringers…he’s more in danger from Democrats.

The gossip-monger is nothing but that…he put forth hearsay information.

While being subjected to ridicule by Republicans may be uncomfortable, absolute fear of the Democrat Party is in order…because, as a material witness, they’d be indicted. 

Think – corruption. He worked for Biden while that VP was arm-twisting Ukraine.

Think – election meddling. He worked with those pushing the dirt dossier hoax.

How does hearsay whining rise to the same level as those indictable offenses? As a material witness, he was in a position to now incriminate Democrat figureheads.

Eric Ciaramella better make sure he keeps a lot of company close…

…ask Seth Rich…or Jeff Epstein. Democrats play for keeps.

Ridicule doesn’t rise to the level of life-threatening…but indictable does.

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