Nothing less than a desperate effort to mask THEIR chicanery

Funny, isn’t it?

When they called for investigations into election-meddling, they thought it should stop at the Democrat gate…going beyond that gate now, is somehow considered a corrupt act.

We repeat for clarity…

…impeach efforts are nothing less than a desperate effort to mask THEIR chicanery.

As noted in an article at American Greatness “There is nothing in what Trump has done as president that explains the unconstitutional attacks against him. It is the reverse – the attempt to frame and entrap President Trump and his team as traitors with Russia, was begun by the Obama DOJ, FBI, CIA and White House before his inauguration. It was the Obama Administration’s actions that necessitated the all-out attempt to delegitimize President Trump before he could expose them.” (bold, u/l emphasis added)

Add to that this latest Ukraine foreign policy molehill Democrat House members are now trying to turn into an impeachment mountain – it’s all about covering their butt.

Skeptical? Facts will back up this declaration.

Look at ‘proof’ they have, then, compare it to AG findings…when they come out.

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