Why the Ukraine-call gossip-monger’s identity is important

There’s no law against identifying a ‘whistle-blower’…certainly, then, there’s no law against ID’ing a gossipmonger (spreading 2nd-&-3rd-hand hearsay qualifies as such).

In this case, involving the President’s call to Ukraine, other factors are involved as well:

  • there’s evidence Ukraine was election-meddling in our 2016 election;
  • possible corrupt use of U.S. tax-dollar aid to Ukraine was being held up to force ending a corruption probe, of a company where VP Biden’s son was employed;
  • the suspected gossip-monger was known to have participated in pushing the hoax Russia collusion dossier during that despicable Mueller-probe era;
  • he worked for V.P. Biden when Biden coerced Ukraine into dropping a probe (which makes him a material witness to that coercion).

Given those factors, if the gossip-monger is that individual it needs to be revealed, since otherwise a case could be made that keeping him anonymous is obstruction of justice.

If it’s Ciaramella, anonymity is self-serving…because he’s part of the corruption.

Members of Congress (and most of the media) know that it’s him…

…many Democrats (Schiff, Biden, Obama, et al) would be very embarrassed if it is…

…and, knowing how certain members of the Democrat Party work, it would seem to be in his best interest (health-wise) to step forward now…before any fatal ‘incident’ occurs.

(You know – Seth Rich, Vince Foster life-ending type incidents come to mind)

Because, as noted above…Democrats have more to fear from him stepping forward.

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