As an earned % of market revenue they generate, women soccer players are paid more

Lost in hype over activist American women soccer players on the National team ranting about the pay-inequality between men’s and women’s soccer is the fact they’re wrong.

Pay for pro soccer players is based on market revenue generated.

Latest comparisons indicate women’s soccer generated $77 million in revenue on an annual basis…men’s soccer generated $4 billion during that same period of time.

As a percentage of the total market revenue each venue brought in, women received 13% pay of their generated revenue…but men only received 9% of their revenue.

Percentage-wise of revenue generated, women earned more. Dollar-wise, men earned more. But that can’t be blamed on unfairness…unless they’re vilifying populace interest.

It’s pretty obvious that the┬áproblem isn’t pay-inequality…it’s MARKET inequality.

Men’s soccer generates more revenue based on greater interest level.

How is that AMERICA’S FAULT?

Doesn’t take a genius to see their ‘pay-inequality’ rant is being deceitfully manipulated.

But, no worries, Megan Rapinoe…the Left still loves you for your anti-American deceit.

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