There is no bottom to how low Democrats are willing to go

Democrats howl for Alex Acosta’s head, saying he was too easy on Jeffrey Epstein, a serial sex-offender…but enshrine Hillary Clinton’s unethical defense of a known rapist?

Sure…because Acosta is a Trump guy.

And Hillary is…well…a Clinton.

As John Klar points out in his American Thinker article today:

“Just as defendants and their counsel must weigh their risks of conviction, so too must prosecutors assess the risks and costs of failing to meet that much higher burden of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  Epstein served jail time and probation and was compelled to register as a sex offender.  Acosta has stated that “the plea deal’s results were ‘better’ than risking a trial, which he said had ‘a reduced likelihood of success.‘”  Not only do the media seek to revisit that prosecutorial discretion, but they have already passed judgment.  If Acosta had tried the case and lost, the result would have been horrible, compelling the victims to testify in a new trauma.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

Then, Klar says, there’s what the Queen of Democrats did for her client:

“Examining old cases, defense attorney Hillary Clinton not only successfully defended a barbaric rapist who left a young girl in a coma for weeks, but boasted about it.  She got him off on a technicality and laughed in an interview that she personally transported the defendant’s stained underpants to a forensic scientist in order to do so.  She knew that her client was guilty and went to great lengths to get him off.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

By contrast “Acosta knew that Epstein was guilty, confronted aggressive legal defense counsel, and landed a conviction.” But, hey…Acosta’s a Trump guy: demonize away.

Re-stating the obvious: there is no bottom to how low Democrats will go.

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