Deceptive misinterpretation of MAGA on their part, isn’t proof of guilt on our part

Whether gay pride or white supremacy, open borders or equal pay, the Left continually portrays ‘Make America Great Again’ as the one-slogan-fits-all anti-Trump rallying cry.

They claim it invokes white supremacy, pay inequality, racism…name any agenda.

But nothing could be further from the truth, and the President’s actions prove it.

His secure borders effort would protect ALL Americans.

His economic policies improve EVERY American’s lot in life.

Get down off your Hate-Trump horse, people, and view the facts on the ground.

If you have to LIE to make your point…YOU HAVE NO POINT.

‘Make America Great Again’ isn’t about an exclusive group of people…

…it’s about ALL the people…

unless, of course, you hate ideas of a great America.

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