Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the cluelessness of the 2016 Democrat Party

Arguably, the nomination of the Queen-of-Corrupt-Cronyism as their presidential hope is the crowning idiocy that brought Donald Trump to the fore of Republican candidates.

If any Democrat epitomizes all that’s wrong in politics, it’s Hillary Clinton…

…the Princess-of-Political-Expedience & Pay-to-Play-Largesse, the Empress-of-Except-Me law enforcement, the Duchess-of-Dirty-Tricks, & Baroness-of-Backroom-Deals.

Nothing could’ve made voters want ‘anything-but-a-politician’ in the White House more.

The crowning idiocy of Democrats nominating such a flawed candidate was shocking.

And, as usual, give a shout-out to a duplicitous media for enabling the inevitable…

…President Donald J. Trump.

Thanks, everyone. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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