…but, is ANY charge resulting from a hoax-investigation legitimate?

An article today at Breitbart.com about Donald Trump Jr agreeing to appear before the Senate Intelligence (oxymoronic, we know) committee, has this to say on the issue:

“While Trump, Jr. had been signaling that he might blow off the subpoena entirely, his intent – sources close to him say – has always been to be helpful. He had offered to answer more questions in writing, and even to testify in person again with a time and scope limitation–something Burr and Senate Intelligence Committee officials previously opposed. Now, after allies of Trump, Jr., and Republicans party-wide rejected Burr’s original subpoena, with a fierce public backlash, Burr has cut a deal to limit the time and scope of the subpoena…” That’s all fine and dandy, but it begs an important question.

Donald Trump Jr, his dad, and the campaign as a whole, were targetednot complicit.

When an investigation is premised on a HOAX…shouldn’t focus be on its perpetrators?

If the Committee chairman (Republican Senator Richard Burr) was honest and fair, he’d open the meeting, present the attending Trump Jr, apologize for duplicitous politicians…

…condemn THEIR actions…and CLOSE THE MEETING.

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