…in summary, it was always about their 2020 election campaign…

Andrew McCarthy with a piercing analysis of the Russia-collusion hoax investigation:

Democrats are guilty of “…perverting the criminal-justice process they claim Trump has obstructed. With the transparently eager cooperation of Mueller’s team, they intimate that the president could have been charged and would have been convicted. They suggest that, although not charged, he has not been “exonerated,” effectively imposing on him the burden to establish his innocence. That is, they are doing what they accuse Trump of doing.” (And that is “..a willful undermining of the justice process.”)

He makes the case that, by September 2017, a mere 5 months after the special counsel investigation started “…the Justice Department stopped seeking surveillance warrants — i.e., it decided to stop peddling the Steele dossier to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.” (Which means there was nothing provable in their dossier.)

Indictments handed down after that were against Russian entities, based on forensic analysis of servers by a private (Democrat-funded) firm – CrowdStrike…not based on information as provided by what’s since proven to be phony opposition disinformation.

And, ‘lest anyone forget…

…Democrats never allowed federal investigator access to so-called ‘hacked’ servers.

McCarthy’s summary destroys the Democrat hoax: “The Russia counterintelligence probe, based on the fraudulent projection of a Trump-Putin conspiracy, was always a pretext to conduct a criminal investigation despite the absence of a predicate crime. The criminal investigation, in turn, was always a pretext for congressional impeachment chatter. And the congressional impeachment chatter is a pretext for the real agenda: Making Trump an ineffective president now, and an un-reelectable president 18 months from now. They try to make it look like law. It has always been politics.

Case closed? Against Pres Trump-&-team…sure. Against Democrats? NOT YET.

Not yet – now, it’s time for the hoaxers to be thoroughly investigated.

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