Does anyone know it was Republicans who fought to give women voting rights?

On the Daily Caller’s op-ed page Monday: “Media Spend Women’s History Month Forgetting Republicans — Not Democrats — Gave Women Right to Vote”


“The Women’s Rights Convention held in 1848 was the catalyst for the women’s rights movement. Two years later, another convention followed where the matter was discussed.By 1870, the Massachusetts Republican State Convention had already seated two “suffragettes” who had fought for the women’s right to vote — Lucy Stone and Mary A. Livermore.

Just two years later, the National Republican Convention of 1872 approved a resolution calling for a wider role for women in the political process, and demanding that “additional rights” for women “should be treated with respectful consideration.”

In 1892, two women delegates from Wyoming were seated for the first time at a national political convention — but it was the Republican National Convention (not the Democrats’.) This same convention was the first time a woman was ever allowed to speak at a national political convention — again, it was a Republican convention. During her speech, the chairwoman of the Women’s Republican Association of the United States vouched for Republicans’ commitment to granting women the right to vote and said they would see the fight through to the end.

Finally, at the request of Republican Susan B. Anthony, Sen. A.A. Sargent — a Republican from California — introduced the 19th Amendment to grant women the right to vote. The amendment was voted down by a Democrat-controlled Senate.

When Republicans regained control of Congress in 1919, they passed the Equal Suffrage Amendment as one of their first orders of business.” (bold, u/l added)

Anyone see a pattern?


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